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Kim Rae Won Attempts The Impossible In His Big Screen Comeback “Long Live The King”

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Veteran actor Kim Rae Won is back in the cinemas for a brand new movie.

Long Live The King (literal title) is Kim’s first movie in two years since his 2017 movie The Prison.

Long Live The King (Sports Donga)

Long Live The King (Sports Donga)

Kim’s character, Jang Se Chool, lives his life as a mob boss. He has been in love with Kang So Hyun (Won Jin A) but she has no interest in him whatsoever. In order to get rid of Se Chool, So Hyun tells him that she wants to be a first lady. In addition to this, Se Chool’s friend, Jung Choon Taek, is on death row. The only way to save him is through a presidential pardon. Se Chool makes up his mind to run for president to win the heart of So Hyun and to save his friend Choon Taek.

Much is expected from this movie, because aside from having Kim, the director is Kang Yoon Sung. Kang is an actor but he also directs his famous movies being The Outlaws 1 and The Outlaws 2. 

Kim is no stranger to mob action movies. As mentioned, in his last movie The Prison, Kim was an ex-detective that became a prison inmate. Prior to that, he co-starred with Lee Min Ho in Gangnam Blues. Kim is also a well-known romance actor for many years. He is popular for My Little Bride, a 2004 coming of age movie he co-starred in with Moon Geun Young. Both are forced to marry one another despite their young ages, to fulfill their grandfathers’ agreement to have them marry.


Kim Rae Won GQ

Kim Rae Won GQ

Aside from movies, Kim has an impressive record for dramas. He was immensely popular in the early 2000’s and was a big Hallyu star to fans. His romance dramas, My Love Patzzi, Attic Cat, Love Story from Harvard, and Say You Love Me are K-drama classics and fan favorites. His last dramas were Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me in 2018 and Doctors in 2016.

Long Live the King hits cinemas in June 2019.