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Kim Rae Won Reinvents Cheesy Lines For “Black Knight” Portrayal

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Kim Rae Won sure knows how to mark his territory as one of South Korea’s bankable lead man.

Black Knight

Kim Rae Won nails in throwback “oppa swag” that we have been missing in K-dramaland.

Portraying the lead role for KBS fantasy-romance Black Knight The Man Who Guards Me, Kim Rae Won’s swoon worthy melting lines have greatly contributed to why the drama is gaining a rise with its following.

Black Knight scored double-digit ratings this week at 10.4 and 11.1 for Wednesday and Thursday episodes, beating its rivals for that broadcast spot. It is the only prime time weekly series to do so in the current K-drama roster these days. The steady climb to its impressive ratings spins from the neat transition of blending the character depictions to the supernatural element of the story.

Black Knight concluded its third week run with a clear delineation of character connections as the heroine portrayed by Shin Se Kyung finally learns about the identity of the charming man she met in Slovenia.

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Black Knight treads on the story of Moon Soo Ho (Kim Rae Won) and Jung Hae Ra (Shin Se Kyung), who used to live together when they were young.  When Soo Ho’s parents died because of a fire breakout, he was taken by Hae Ra’s father in his household. But one day, Soo Ho overheard Hae Ra being scolded by her father for being too close with the boy he took in for his own vested interest. The young man left the house and vowed to work hard to become successful upon knowing that his father’s friend used him for his public image.

Years later, they meet again, with Soo Ho becoming a self-made rich man while Hae Ra lives a commoner life after her family suffered bankruptcy.

Kim Rae Won

What they don’t know is how their fate is intertwined from their unresolved romantic grudges due to their unfortunate past lives.

Viewers especially ladies would definitely agree how Kim Rae Won is slaying his role as Black Knight by punching in those quick knee-weakening lines confidently. The spontaneous love declarations and fall-for-me lines are reminiscent of those times when K-drama heroes are mostly lifted from perfect characters of fictional ideas.

Here’s one of the many mushy scenes in the drama:

Be prepared to be swept even more by Black Knight Kim Rae Won in the coming days!

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