Kim Seon Ho Enjoys New Experiences From “2 Days 1 Night”

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Sweet and playful, Kim Seon Ho is set to adorn the pages of Elle Korea’s February issue!

Picking up from his bountiful 2019 year, Kim Seon Ho has been garnering love as one of the new recruits of 2 Days 1 Night. The famed national entertainment show resumed its broadcast on December 8 and has since delighted its audience with its new members.


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After the drama Catch a Ghost, his appearance in the variety show has been stirring popularity to the actor whose name often trends now after the show’s broadcast.

In the released photos by Elle, Kim sheds bright energy to the staff by strutting to cheerful and endearing scenes. His positive energy affirms the blessings he has been getting.

Since his debut in drama Chief Kim (2017), he has appeared in three supporting roles namely: Strongest Delivery Man, Two Cops and 100 Days My Prince. Thereafter, he notched male lead performances for Laughter in Waikiki 2 and Catch the Ghost.

Kim Seon Ho

2 Days 1 Night Pretty Boy Newbie

When asked about his infallible luck, Kim beamed and responded how he chose not to worry about the future while enjoying the moment and new experiences.

He also confidently expounded that he is confident of his appearance in 2 Days 1 Night. “I originally can joke well and I like black humor,” he said.

Running on its fourth episode, the variety show has been gaining impressive numbers on its weekend slot. Admirably, Kim has been endearing the audience with his spontaneous appeal in the show.

After strengthening the team work of the new members, and familiarizing them to the show in the first three episodes; the chemistry blossomed smoothly for the new cast.

In its latest episode, Yeon Jung Hoon, Moon Se Yoon, Kim Seon Ho, DinDin, VIXX’s Ravi and Kim Jong Min were featured in Andong, a slow city renowned for its historic value.

Meanwhile, more of the actor’s photos and interview can be seen in the February issue of Elle Korea.

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Image Credit: Cosmopolitan | KBS 2TV

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