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Kim Soo Hyun Gets “Real” In His Latest Film

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Famed actor Kim Soo Hyun vouches, giving limitless dedication for his new film “Real”.

Kim Soo Hyun

Four years after his first main lead for the film in Secretly Greatly, Kim Soo Hyun met the press for his second movie – Real. He confidently disclosed how he poured out his efforts in playing the dual roles of a cunning gangster boss and a cryptic fund investor for his action thriller film “Real”.

The expressive actor aims for public acknowledgment as he threads on his growth as an actor, taking a risque R-rated movie to showcase the emotional depth he is willing to plunge in bringing out the vulnerability of his character.

Real was shown for a private press screening on June 26, raising a not-so-pleasant response from the selected viewers. But Kim Soo Hyun is positive that the realistic approach focusing on the untold stories of casino business will be appreciated by the viewers. The actor trusts the audiences, given how he has exerted his determination and craft in the film.

Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun admits how he contemplated a lot before taking on the role, since it deviated quite well to his established image. But the thought of playing two distinctly different roles won him over as he took the illicit and violent scenes as a path he has to take in order to evolve further as an actor.

“I am not changing my image. My goal is to become an actor that will be trusted by the audience, and I am leaning to that path”, the actor promised.

Kim Soo Hyun admitted that the serious tone and unorthodox buildup of the story are overpowering. But he has faith that the underlying message will be strongly felt by the movie viewers.

Reminiscing his string of notable dramas from Dream High, The Moon that Embraces the Sun and My Love From Another Star, the stunning actor looked back on his tumultuos times of finding his identity as an actor without being consumed by the huge successes he has enjoyed.


Kim Soo Hyun beamed in agreeing how he might still be a clumsy person. However, he is slowly narrowing the gap to become the best version of himself as a person and an actor.

Real opens nationwide in South Korea today.

Here is the quick peek of his anticipated movie:

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