3+ Korean Dramas In June 2018 To Sizzle Your Summer Watchlist With Seo Kang Joon, Park Seo Joon & More!

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We will definitely have a hot blast with the lineup of this June’s Korean Dramas!

The last batch of spring Korean dramas are up to challenge the currently airing ones. And yes, we got our plates full owing to the diverse and amazing selections we have.

Romance, crime, legal, and melodramas are the current genres to dominate the stories. Top veteran and new actors are also pitted on the rating game and popularity race.

Three additional stories are set to kick off in June, joining the current big roster of dramas set to air this month.

1. Are You Human Too? (KBS)

Are You Human Too

Are You Human Too? takes the story of an artificial intelligence robot Namshin Ⅲ, who poses as a human for its human counterpart, third-generation-chaebol Namshin. The latter is in comatose state, and to protect his position in the company, his mother resorts to using an android. Debonair Seo Kang Joon is tasked to play dual roles, while Gong Seung Yeon, who played as an alien in last year’s sci-fi thriller, Circle, will suit up as the heroine.

It is a collaboration of PD Cha and Writer Jo, whose drama portfolios include The Princess Man, Cheer Up Mr. Kim, Uncontrollably Fond and Bridal Mask.

Are You Human Too? begins on June 6 via KBS2 TV.

2. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? (tvN)


What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? is a series based on popular novel and webtoon of the same title. It follows the push-pull romantic relationship between a handsome and competent yet narcissistic Lee Young Joon, and his secretary Kim Mi So, who suddenly decides to quit the job to get married after working for him for nine years. Their relationship becomes more intriguing after the appearance of the charismatic best-selling writer Lee Sung Yeon, who is the elder brother of Young Joon. It draws keen attention to how their love triangle develops as the story unfolds.

The drama stars a stellar cast consisting of Park Seo Joon, Park Min Young, and Lee Tae Hwan, and is directed by veteran director Park Joon Hwa, who is famous for previous works such as Because This Is My First Life and Let’s Eat series.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? takes the midweek slot of tvN starting June 6.

3. Life on Mars (OCN)

Life on Mars

Jung Kyung Ho (Prison Playbook) and Park Sung Woong (Man to Man) team up for retro investigative crime drama, Life On Mars. Adapted from British television series, the Korean version takes a time-slip crime thriller of a detective who goes back to 1988 and works on solving a serial murder case in order to go home.

Yes, it feels like last year’s hit OCN time-travel thriller Tunnel, but in reverse. Helming the project is PD Lee Jung Hyo, who successfully adapted another foreign series The Good Wife. He will reunite with Jung Kyung Ho, whom he worked with in Heartless City.

Expect detective bromance in full swing when Life On Mars starts on June 9.


Here’s a quick recap of the June drama roster aside from the dramas set to be broadcast in the same month.

Monday-Tuesday June 2018 Korean Dramas

Investigation Couple (MBC)

Cast: Jung Jae Young, Jung Yu Mi

An enthusing crime drama about forensic investigation. The story features a prosecutor and a forensic scientist working in National Institute of Scientific Investigation as they probe the cause of death on the cases they handle.

Wok of Love (SBS)

Cast: Lee Jun Ho, Jung Ryeo Won, Jang Hyuk

Wok of Love whirls the story of a star chef who reaches rock bottom, leading him to work in a neighborhood Chinese restaurant.

About Time (tvN)

Cast: Lee Sung Kyung, Lee Sang Yoon

A supernatural love drama about a woman who has the ability to see the “life clocks” of humans around her.

Miss Hammurabi (jTBC)

Cast: L, Go Ah Ra, Sung Dong Il

Based on a 2016 novel of the same title, Miss Hammurabi takes on the legal world background, with enthusiastic courtroom judges up to provide ruling on common cases that viewers would most likely be able to relate to.

June 2018 Korean Dramas Mon-Tue

Wednesday-Thursday June 2018 Korean Dramas

Suits (KBS)

Cast: Jang Dong Gun, Park Hyung Sik

Suits takes the plot of following the lives of a hotshot and a fake lawyer who works on various legal cases.

Come and Hug Me (MBC)

Cast: Jang Ki Yong, Jin Ki Joo

A melodrama that depicts the fate of men and women, who are linked together due to a murder incident. It will highlight the story of people, who seek hope in an incomplete relationship. It also treads on the journey of people, who are trying to be happy.

Handsome Guy and Jung Eum (SBS)

Cast: Nam Goong Min, Hwang Jung Eum

A romantic comedy about a man who refuses to love, and a realistic woman who dreams of love but abstains from having it. They collaborate to help the romance of aspiring relationship seekers, and to realize the authenticity of human relationships, leading to a step closer to real love.

Rich Man (Dramax & MBN)

Cast: Kim Jun Myeon, Ha Yeon Soo

The romance of a genius businessman, who does not recognize the face of his first love and a woman with eidetic memory.

June 2018 Korean Dramas Wed-Thurs

Friday-Saturday June 2018 Korean Dramas

Sketch (jTBC)

Cast: Jung Ji Hoon, Lee Dong Gun, Lee Sun Bin

Jung Ji Hoon (Rain) and Lee Dong Gun were in 2003 romantic comedy Let’s Go To School Sangdoo. This time around, the two will be playing the roles of an ace detective and an elite special force member.

They will be confronting each other because of their loved ones, as one tries to probe on a case involving his lover, while the other plans a revenge after his pregnant wife was murdered.

Secret Mother (SBS – Saturday only)

Cast: Song Yoon Ah, Kim So Yeon, Song Jae Rim

The cryptic drama depicts the story of a surrogate mother, who enters a house of a woman, knowing the secret behind the woman’s child’s death.

Parting Left (MBC – Saturday only)

Cast: Chae Si Ra, Lee Sung Jae, Jo Bo A, Lee Joon Young

Based on a web novel of the same title, Parting Left narrates the moments of suffering experienced by two women when they are forced to become a mother. A fusion of veteran and rising actors is expected to breathe life to the ruminative mood of the story.

June 2018 Korean Dramas Fri-Sat

Saturday-Sunday June 2018 Korean Dramas

Lawless Lawyer (tvN)

Cast: Lee Jun Ki, Seo Ye Ji

The tvN action spectacle centers on a “lawyer who wields a lawless law under lawlessness”. He uses flawless techniques with his fist as an attorney, who dreams of a justice well-served through righteous government rules

Shall We Live Together (KBS)

Cast: Han Ji Hye, Lee Sang Woo

KBS2 TV’s weekend drama continues the tradition of presenting the lives of the family members. The focal pairing involves doctors, who have polar personalities.

Rich Family’s Son (MBC – Sunday only)

Cast: Kim Ji Hoon, Kim Joo Hyun

The drama draws the story of a son from a wealthy family, who struggles to pay his debts in his goal to redeem his father’s honor. It will also picture marriage conflicts faced by people in their 30’s.

June 2018 Korean Dramas Sat-Sun

Note: Daily dramas are not included.

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