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Two Iconic Dramas Of Lee Dong Wook Set To Broadcast In Malaysia

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More dramas for this winter.

As we welcome the festive season, ONE HD (Malaysia) is introducing three new television dramas to its channel network. These include two iconic dramas starring Lee Dong Wook, and another new SBS drama Love Is Drop By Drop. The latter drama recently started airing in South Korea.

1. My Girl


To grant his grandfather’s dying wish, Gong Chan (Lee Dong Wook) employs Yoo Rin (Lee Da Hae) to act as his grandfather’s long-lost granddaughter. Yoo Rin, who needs money, accepts. Hilarity and awkwardness ensue when the grandfather starts getting better and makes the two “cousins” live together. The fake cousins start to get closer and the questions would be – can they fall in love?

Premieres 6 December, every Monday to Friday at 5.40pm.

2. Love Is Drop By Drop


Eun Bang Wool (Wang Ji Hye) works part time at a food and beverage supplier company, which is owned by Woo Hyuk Park’s (Kang Eun Tak) family. A wrench is thrown into the blossoming love story after a heart transplant from Bang Wool’s ex-boyfriend.

How will their love story progress upon learning the truth, and what other adventures await them?

Premieres 10 December, every Sunday at 7.30pm.

3. Scent of a Woman

Lee Yeon Jae (Kim Sun A) is a single woman in her thirties. Although she has worked more than 10 years in a travel agency, she herself has never travelled before.

When informed she has only six months left to live, she quits her job and decides to embrace life through travelling. However, fate throws her a curve ball when she meets Kang Ji Wook (Lee Dong Wook). He is the man of her dreams.

Is fate really that cruel? Tune in to watch how this love story unfolds.

Premieres 28 December, every Monday to Friday at 5.40pm.

This news is brought to you by ONE TV ASIA (Malaysia network).

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