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Lee Je Hoon to film a detective story after military duties

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After finishing his duty in the Korean military, actor Lee Je Hoon will be making his way back to the industry with the movie Detective Hong Gil-Dong (명탐정 홍길동).

Hong Gil-Dong is a renowned fictional story in Korea. The upcoming movie twists the story and turns Hong Gil-Dong into a private detective who works for the underground world.

“It’s a very unique genre, and it was very fun to read about. I was interested in the fact that Hong Gil-Dong would be a detective, as well. I have a lot of trust in director Cho Sung-Hee and I look forward to working with him”, Lee Je Hoon said about the reasons for selecting Detective Hong Gil-Dong.

According to Director Cho, “Hong Gil-Dong is a complex character with a cold yet pure personality; I thought Lee Je Hoon would be best at portraying this complex, sensitive role.”

The first movie after Lee Je-Hoon’s discharge, Detective Hong Gil-Dong will start filming in November 2014.

Source: (News&Photo)-Saram Entertainment

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