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Lee Jong Suk Reveals He Draws Strength From Fans To Overcome Slump

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Lee Jong Suk expressed gratitude towards his 3,000 fans who attended His Private Stage – Dream Like at Olympic Hall yesterday September 10.

Lee Jong Suk

Photo credit Yonhap/YG Entertainment

Lee Jong Suk revealed how he suffered depressing moments prior to filming the recent released movie in the intimate meet-and-greet with his loyal followers. He sincerely thanked his fans for giving him strength and inspiring him to battle out his slump.

The actor added how working with his senior actors helped him overcome the stress so he is positive that he is almost on its full recovery.

Lee Jong Suk starred with veteran actors Jang Dong Gun and Kim Myung Min in the recent premiered action-thriller film V.I.P, which he played the role of a psychopath son of a key North Korean political official, who has been doing serial killings all over the world.

Lee Jong Suk

His new drama While You Were Sleeping is slated to premiere this September 27 with Bae Suzy. It is one of the highly-anticipated drama this year, and a reunion project with the writer of his previous successful TV series’ Pinocchio and I Hear Your Voice.

Lee Jong Suk is also expected to be a guest at the variety show Three Meals A Day: Sea Ranch which his good friend Yoon Kyun Sang is a member. The latter appeared as a surprise guest to the fan gathering along with his leading lady Suzy

Lee Jong Suk Dream Like

Lee Jong Suk brightened up his fan meet stage by singing and dancing while his followers raved about it. While chatting with his fans, he shared his childhood pictures. “Meeting my fans like this gives me strength to get through another year. I sincerely thank you and love you”, Lee mentioned.

Here is Lee Jong Suk’s new drama While You Were Sleeping teaser video.

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