Lee Kwang Soo & Yang Se Chan Reunite With Jeon So Min In Upcoming “Running Man” Episode

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The maknae line of “Running Man” has recently reunited!

The upcoming May 24 episode of the well-loved South Korean variety show Running Man will feature its youngest members in a mini-reunion.

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Lee Kwang Soo and Yang Se Chan recently went to visit the house of their fellow Running Man member Jeon So Min, who’s currently taking her much-needed rest to focus on health.

Being hailed as the winner of their 500th celebratory episode, Se Chan’s prize was revealed to be a special invitation from the race-maker So Min. Though not part of the plan, the winner invited Kwang Soo to join and make the visit even more enjoyable.

Delighted to see each other again, the trio will show their usual session of bickering and adorable tricks. After So Min signaled the start of the household chores mission, Kwang Soo and Se Chan continuously worked to finish their tasks.

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Adding jest to the scene with his expression of feeling annoyed and betrayed at the same time, Kwang Soo jokingly said, “Why did you call me if you will do this to me? I will go home.”

Fans should look forward to the upcoming episode, which will be aired on the SBS channel this May 24 at 5 PM KST.

Source: Xportsnews

Photo Credits: SBS

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