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Lee Min Ho Wishes Ratings For ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ To Hit Over 30%; His Wish For First Episode Already Comes True

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Will it happen?

Highly anticipated SBS drama ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ finally kicked off its broadcasting on November 16 and achieved an astonishing 15.4% rating nationwide in South Korea for its first episode.

Lee Min Ho returned to the small screen after three years since the successful project ‘The Heirs’. He divulged through ‘V Live’ on the reason for choosing ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ for his TV comeback, how it is like working alongside Jun Ji Hyun and viewership ratings.

Photo credit: ONE HD

Photo credit: ONE HD

Q: Why did you choose ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ as your TV comeback since 2013’s The Inheritors?

Lee Min Ho: I chose Legend as my comeback project because of ‘ParkJinJun’ – Park Ji Eun, the screenwriter of My Love From The Star; Jin Hyuk, whom I worked with for The Inheritors, and actress Jun Ji Hyun.


Q: How is it like working alongside Jun Ji Hyun?

Lee Min Ho: I like her a lot. Honestly, we did not get close right away. It was a little awkward and uncomfortable at first but fortunately, while we were shooting overseas, we got really close. We’ve become friends to the point that we’d break into laughter by looking at each other.


Q: It’s been a while since you done any TV dramas, do you have any hopes for the ratings?

Lee Min Ho: I wish that we would get over 30% in viewer ratings. It would be nice if we get around 12 to 13% for the broadcast of the first episode!

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‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ premieres tonight (November 17) at 8.10pm, first and exclusively on ONE HD (Malaysia), Astro Ch 393. Malaysia fans can follow it every Thursday and Friday at 8.10pm, within 24 hours of Korea’s telecast!

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