Lee Yi Kyung & Defconn Share Thoughts As MCs For New Dating Reality Program “I’m SOLO”

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A new dating show from SkyTV titled I’m SOLO is coming to the television screens soon!

Ahead of its premiere on July 14, Lee Yi Kyung and Defconn speak about their upcoming show with Jun Hyoseong.


I’m SOLO is a hyperrealistic dating show wherein single people who want to get married meet and find their true love. MCs Lee Yi Kyung and Defconn manifest full confidence by saying, “It is a realistic and unique dating program.”

Earlier, it was previously announced that Lee Yi Kyung, Jun Hyoseong, and Defconn are the MCs for SkyTV’s new dating reality show I’m SOLO.

Following the news, Defconn and Lee Yi Kyung shared their thoughts about being selected as the hosts.

Defconn said, “I had so much fun watching dating programs, so I am really excited as I will be able to see the whole process closely.”

Meanwhile, Lee Yi Kyung expressed, “I’ve always enjoyed programs like The Mate and Good Match. I was interested in being able to empathize and react while watching the show.”

Baring their sentiments about love, Defconn and Lee Yi Kyung acknowledged “Even in love, learning and growth are necessary.”

The television personality confessed, “I always think that I am lacking in love and work with the feeling of learning.”

Meanwhile, the brilliant actor admitted, “Every time I’m in a relationship, I always think of myself as growing. I’m still learning.”


Expressing his expectation towards the show, Defconn remarked, “I think it’s going to be a hit in terms of topicality and ratings. The way the performers go straight to each other is so vivid that even the MCs who watch the process are really immersed in it.”

Lastly, Lee Yi Kyung commented, “I believe it will unconditionally hit the jackpot. All the performers are attractive. Watching while being immersed makes me say “What if it’s me?” And because I am too much absorbed in it, I started to admire the contestants.”

I’m SOLO will premiere on July 14 at 10:30 PM KST. It will broadcast simultaneously on NQQ channel and SBS PLUS.

Watch the fun preview below:

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