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Lee YuBi photos revealed from set of ‘Nice Guy’

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Actress Lee YuBi has become the mascot of the drama filming scene.

On November 8, on Lee YuBi’s homepage, KBS2 TV‘s Nice Guy revealed photos from the filming set titled ‘Kang Choco’s cute 3 photo set’.

In the photos, she self cams herself with a character doll from children’s comic Bono Bono and a cute photo of herself trying to imitate a monkey’s expression. Even the photo of herself trying to look like a monkey is receiving a lot of love from people and the film staff members. The production staff say that she’s always optimistic and energetic, so she is like the vitamin of the film set.

People left comments saying, “Nice Guy’s Lee YuBi. So lovely.”, “I’m jealous of the doll….”, “Looking at these cute photos of Lee YuBi makes my stress melt away.”, “Newly discovered this year, jewel like actress.”

The drama Nice Guy which Lee YuBi, Song Joongki, Moon Chaewon, Park Si Yeon, Lee SangYeob, etc are part of is broadcasted every Wednesday and Thursday night at 9:55pm.

Source: (News+Photos)-The Star

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