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MAMAMOO’s Solar To Romance With Yoo Seung Ho In ‘Imaginary Cat’

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MAMAMOO’s leader Solar will be making her first foray into acting, as she has been confirmed to star in a new MBC Every1 drama, titled Imaginary Cat.

Adapted from a namesake popular webtoon, Imaginary Cat tells the healing story between a man and a cat, who each have their own problems. Actor Yoo Seung Ho will take up the role of Hyun Jong Hyun, who works part-time at a bookstore and raises a cat as a way to deal with his personality issues. Meanwhile, Solar will act as Hyun Jong Hyun’s closest female friend and first love. The other confirmed cast member is actress Jo Hye Jung.

Being the main vocalist of MAMAMOO, Solar has received much love from fans with her excellent singing and performance abilities. Regarding her coming acting debut, Solar shared:

Although I′m still lacking in many ways, I′m honored to be participating in a good drama like this. I′m preparing diligently to not be troublesome, so please look forward to it.

Imaginary Cat will hit the screen in late November.

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