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Forensic Investigation Propels New MBC Crime Drama “Partners For Justice”

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Attractive and worth taking the risk are the best descriptions for the premise set for “Investigation Couple”.

The thrilling drama preps up to probe on crime and cadavers as it navigates into the world of forensic investigation.

Investigation Couple

On that note, it’s refreshing to know that Korean crime dramas are starting to pick up on more interesting materials than the usual political driven conflict with bare and trite trajectory and serial killing as a staple element.

Now we see more facets as MBC’s new drama is set to go behind the scenes of a crime by stimulating the audience’ mind through the cast deductions and delving.

Investigation Couple tells the story of a genius forensic expert and a prosecutor, who will work together in finding the truth about the crimes suffered by the victims. It contains the stories of people, who do not have the correct answer in death, and who seeks to find the right answer.

It is the new project of the director of last year’s Ruler: Master of the Mask, and has cast well-loved actors Jung Jae Young (Duel), Jung Yu Mi (Bravo my Life), Lee Yi Kyung (Eulachacha Waikiki), and Stephanie Lee (Yongpal).

The latest MBC drama promises intense and unusual tension for the implementation of justice by using human and scientific investigation.

The first broadcast date is set on Monday, May 14.


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