MONSTA X Makes A Heartwarming Surprise Appearance On Mnet’s New Program “Study Abroad Girl”

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A little jealousy is what some would feel upon watching these lucky girls meet MONSTA X.

MONSTA X made a surprise appearance in a recent episode of Mnet’s Study Abroad Girl.

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The boy group melted the hearts of the new Mnet show’s viewers after its recent episode featured the unexpected yet very heartwarming meeting with the ten cast members backstage at their 2019 MONSTA X [WE ARE HERE] in Seoul concert, giving them a one-of-a-kind memory.

Study Abroad Girl is a variety program that features foreign girls from all over the world who study abroad and have various experiences.

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As part of the show, the girls visited the group’s concert for a deeper study and experience of K-Pop, and had a happy meeting with MONSTA X at the same time. The Study Abroad Girls were excited to see the boy group’s performance, saying it was their first time seeing a K-Pop concert in person and that they were “amazed”.

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Before the start of the concert, MONSTA X welcomed the girls who came to the concert with a warm greeting. In particular, the group stole the hearts of viewers by showing affectionate and warm reactions to Oline, a Norwegian girl known to be a big fan of theirs.

With her being obviously overwhelmed by emotions, member Jooheon showed a friendly side by asking her, “Are you okay?” I.M also sweetly gave her a warm embrace, saying, “I want to make her happy”.

Additionally, Kihyun made a move to record their special memories by saying “Let’s take a picture together”.

Afterward, on stage, MONSTA X captivated the hearts of the Study Abroad Girls with their colorful performances and excellent stage manners, giving them memories of its first K-Pop concert that they would never forget.

Photo from Starship Entertainment

“I’ve always listened to MONSTA X’s songs when I’m really sad or down,” Oline shared. “I was so happy today and I hope I know how much they’re good for everyone,” she added.

Currently, the group is going around the world for their 2019 MONSTA X [WE ARE HERE] Tour, which continues until August, and visit cities in Asia, North and South America, Australia, and Europe.

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