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Moon Geun Young In Talks to Cast In New Drama ‘Chaebol′s Daughter’

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As revealed by Namoo Actors on April 7, actress Moon Geun Young is currently in talks to join the coming SBS drama Chaebol′s Daughter, with the first broadcast in June.

The star is considering to take up the heroine’s role of Jang Yoon Ha, the youngest daughter of a conglomerate group who tries to find true love by hiding her identity working part-time at a food market. Meanwhile, actor Park Seo Joon recently received an offer to act as the male lead in the drama, who comes from a poor background.

Moon Geun Young has been absent from the small screen since MBC drama Goddess of Fire Jeongi, which ended in October 2013. If she decides to cast in this new SBS drama, it will be her first small screen return after two years of hiatus.


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