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Nam Goong Min & Hwang Jung Eum Promise Better Episodes For “The Undateables” Amid Low Viewership Rating

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The ratings are not looking good for The Undateables at the moment and both actors are hinting that the best’s yet to come.

South Korean drama The Undateables started with a lot of buzz as it boasts actors Nam Goong Min and Hwang Jung Eum as its lead.

Still, despite topping the Content Power Index chart for the week beginning May 21 and ending May 27, the first four episodes of the 32-episode drama, which premiered on May 23, suffered low viewership rating.

From kicking off with a 5.3 percent rating, the drama has slipped off to a 3.9 percent rating for its latest episode on Wednesday.

The Undateables

The powerhouse tandem of Nam and Hwang, whose team-up was well-loved in the 2011 MBC drama Can You Hear My Heart?, did not prevent their latest project to score the lowest rating for a SBS drama since 2016’s Come Back Mister.

In a press conference held at SBS’ drama production center on June 7, the cast acknowledged the decreasing ratings and addressed viewers’ concerns about the drama.

Nam admitted that The Undateables‘ first two weeks started slow.

“We heard there were too many unnecessary episodes at the beginning of the drama,” he said.

The Undateables

The actor remains optimistic that the story will now take a more interesting turn as the story between the two protagonists develops seriously in the upcoming episodes.

“Through discussion, we now focus more on the story between the two main characters,” he added.

The actor plays Kang Hoon Nam, the cool-headed businessman who does believe in love. Meanwhile, Hwang plays Yoo Jung Eum, who works at a dating firm as a relationship coach.

During the press conference, the actress also responded to viewers’ opinions on her character that bears resemblance to her previous roles.

“I think it is partly due to the fact that I’m doing a romantic comedy series for the third time in a row,” she said.

Before taking a break from television dramas following her pregnancy, Hwang partnered with Ryu Jun Yeol for romantic comedy Lucky Romance, which followed her work with Park Seo Joon in She Was Pretty.

Still, Nam and Hwang are confident that The Undateables will bounce back and improve its ratings in the coming episodes.

The Undateables

“I became aware of the fact that there are many more things to learn on the drama set other than acting. I am still confident that we can improve the ratings, because now I’ve started to fully understand the character and play him earnestly,” Nam said.

Hwang also echoed the actor’s confidence, stating their desire to make the drama more relatable and produce better content for the viewers to enjoy. She added that everyone is working hard to make the story more interesting.

The Undateables airs every Tuesday and Wednesday on SBS.

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