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Nine Muses to Appear on Chinese Show ‘Heart Attack Alert’

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The girls of Nine Muses will be expanding their activities in China, with the group’s four members Minha, Hyemi, Hyuna, and Sojin appearing on a Chinese variety show called Heart Attack Alert.

Heart Attack Alert is a Korean-Chinese entertainment program, aiming to give the audiences a look at the lives of Nine Muses and four top male stars from China, including Zhang Hans from the Chinese version of Boys Over Flowers, as they live together under one roof for a weekIt is scheduled to air from the 2nd of October.

Nine Muses’ agency Star Empire Entertainment shared that the upcoming show will be a stepping stone for the girls to make their debut in China.

In related news, Nine Muses recently returned to the K-pop scene by releasing its special summer album called 9MUSES S/S Edition, along with the dance title track Hurt Locker on the 2nd of July.

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