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‘Nodame Cantabile’ author denies participation in the casting of the Korean remake

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The author of popular manga, Nodame Cantabile, denies rumors that she was involved in the casting of the Korean remake. On July 7, she answered a fan’s inquiry about her participation in choosing the cast for the lead role, Noda “Nodame” Megumi.


Tomoko Ninomiya, author of manga ‘Nodame Cantabile’

Since the news came out about Girls’ Generation member Yoona landing the lead role, netizens have had second-thoughts about whether she fits the role and if she can match the acting skills of Japanese actress Juri Ueno in the original drama adaptation.


The manga version and the Japanese drama adaptation for TV were both big hits in Korea. Since the announcement of a Korean remake, the fans were all paying attention to who would play the lead role. The fans took it upon themselves to ask Ninomiya about the casting on her Twitter account.

Translation: “If the Korean drama version comes out, I won’t be involved in the casting.”

This followed shortly after rumors about the delay in the final casting for the lead role, because “the author wants a 100% similarity with the Japanese cast”.

For the Korean version, the cast has been finalized. The lead roles are: Lim Yoona as Noda Meguno,  Joo Won as Shinichi Chiaki, Baek Yoon Sik as Maestro Franz Strezemann and Tiny G‘s Dohee as Sakura Saku.

The manga was published in July 2001 and is based on a real-life music college student in Japan. The drama adaptation was aired on FujiTV in 2006 and a movie adaptation followed later in 2009.

The Korean remake will be shown on KBS 2, in October this year.

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