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Celebrity Chef Paik Jong-won Explores Foodie Destinations In “Street Food Fighter”

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Renowned chef and restaurant franchise mogul Paik Jong-won travels around the world to discover outdoor public places as a street food fighter.

Viewers of tvN in Asia can join the spirited host of Street Food Fighter as he delves in the gourmet culture of ready-to-eat food stalls across eight Asian cities beginning June 13, every Wednesday at 9:45 pm (GMT+8).

Paik Jong-won seeks to traverse hidden nooks of foodie destinations as he visits Chengdu, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo, Hawaii, Chiangmai, Fukuoka and Harbin. He aims to introduce the best authentic local food to viewers.

Street Food Fighter

(Courtesy of tvN Asia)

He will also share interesting anecdotes about the food and restaurants, and often bringing up his wife, actress So Yoo-jin in his monologues.

With his passion for food, unique insight, impeccable palate and unparalleled appetite, chef Paik is the perfect candidate to teach the audience how to become a real foodie.

For the pilot episode of Street Food Fighter, Paik Jong-won strolls China’s popular food hub, Chengdu. He goes away from the tourist heavy places to seek the secrets behind Sichuan-style cuisines’ distinct feature – spiciness.

The famous chef, who is known for his love of Chinese cuisines, communicates in perfect Mandarin to ask locals that he bumps with on the streets about where he can buy the food they are eating.

The home cook master hops to his next city which flaunts its trademark of multinational cuisines. Chef Paik roams through corners of Hong Kong to enjoy authentic local eateries favored by locals serving open-air food stalls and traditional dimsums.

Street Food Fighter premieres via tvN Asia on June 13.

It will be available Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, with subtitles in English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia and Thai.

Visit tvN Asia for updates on Street Food Fighter.

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