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Park Bo Gum Wants To Work Together With Song Joong Ki, Be It Any Acting Role

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If there is a drama or movie with Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum, will it make history as the most successful production ever?

Park Bo Gum recently revealed that he wants to work together with his good friend Song Joong Ki at the red carpet of the 2017 Seoul Drama Awards.

At 2016 Seoul Drama Awards, it was reported that back then, Song Joong Ki stated he would like to work with Park Bo Gum. The roles could be as close brothers or love rivals, as long as they have the opportunity to co-star together in something.

At the red carpet of this year’s award show on September 7, TV show Entertainment Weekly took the opportunity to ask Park Bo Gum on this topic one year later. He agreed, saying that if he has the opportunity to work with Song, acting as brothers would be nice but would basically accept any role as long as it is with him.

In 2017 Seoul Drama Awards, Park Bo Gum took home the Best Actor award for his character as Crown Prince Lee Young in the youth rom-com period drama titled Love In The Moonlight.


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