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Park Hae Jin Shows Off One Of His Four Characters In “Four Men”

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Smoking hot and handsomely dangerous define Park Hae Jin’s second character in highly-anticipated, Four Men.

On Mar 26, SBS revealed stills of Park Hae Jin in his second role Chen for fantasy romance drama, Four Men.

Park Hae Jin

The said drama is said to be a prequel of Park Hae Jin’s addictively perky spy drama Man x Man, which aired over at jTBC last year.

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The actor’s new TV series is gaining attention because it is PD Jang Tae Yoo’s comeback directorial project since You Who Came From The Stars. This will be a reunion project for Park and Jang who worked together in the well-loved fantasy-romance series. PD Jang also worked on critically acclaimed Tree With Deep Roots and The Painter of the Wind.

Park Hae Jin

Four Men is billed as a romantic fantasy drama of a widow who discovers her beloved has twins. Park Hae Jin is set to play four roles in the story – Kang Il Hoon, Chen, Dong Jin, and Michael. Beautiful actress Nana will play the lead girl, with Lee Ki Woo and Kwak Si Yang rounding up the supporting cast.

In the released filming site cuts, Park Hae Jin channels the beast-like character of Chen who has a cold killer instinct. He is said to be blunt, cool, and good in fighting. He is set to change for the better after meeting his twins. The pictures of Chen also reflects sharp eyes. His face shows how he has lived through a rough life.

Chen, who is aloof and introspective gradually changes after meeting his doppelganger Kang Il-hoon.

The pre-produced drama started filming in January 2018, and is set to be released some time within the year.


Park Hae Jin

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