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Park Jin Hee Takes Go Hyun Jung’s Vacated Role In SBS Drama “Return”

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Park Jin Hee acquiesced to continue Choi Ja Hye’s character in thriller drama Return.

SBS thriller drama Return has been in a chaotic spree following the eruption of serious dispute between the production team and actress Go Hyun Jung, who was playing the focal character of the story. The unresolved contention unfortunately led to the latter’s dropping out in the middle of the project.

Park Jin Hee

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The embattled high-rating drama takes the premise of a popular lawyer, who is entangled to a high profile murder case involving elite members of the society.

On the afternoon of February 12, screenwriter Choi Kyung Mi and director Joo Dong Min from production company Story Works confirmed that Park Jin Hee will join the drama as the new Choi Ja Hye.

Park Jin Hee

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PD Joo said, “Again, I give my deepest apologies to the viewers for the recent unfavorable situation. I will make every effort to repay the audience’s support and love.”

Park Jin Hee will begin shooting on February 13. The actress affirmed her commitment to the recently proposed project, and promised to work hard for the team as the new Choi Ja Hye. She will be shown on the 17th and 18th episode of Return.

The actress last worked on heartwarming dramas Oh My Geum Bi and Memory. She rose to prominence with her roles in Please Come Back Soon Ae, War of Money and Giant.

Hopefully, this will end the controversies for the classy thriller drama, because it would be disheartening for the amazing story it has been projecting so far.

Return airs on SBS every Wednesday and Thursday.

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