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K-Drama Premiere: “Fight for my Way” Takes Off on a Friendship and Failed Dreams Note

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Fight For My Way flings an encouraging tone about two lifetime friends sharing each other’s pain and bliss.

Fight For My Way tosses a reality check that features characters who are failing at their current adult life after missing their chances to work on their young dreams.

fight for my way

Go Dong Man (Park Seo Joon) and Choi Ae Ra  (Kim Ji Won) have been friends since they were little.  Ae Ra once set a life trajectory of becoming an announcer as Dong Man was a promising taekwondo athlete in high school.  10 years later their lives are different from what they had foreseen in the past.

fight for my way

Ae Ra mans the information desk of a shopping mall and has been financing her young boyfriend who keeps on failing the bar exam.  She eventually finds out how her boyfriend is cheating on her with an ajumma restaurant owner.  Dong Man dons a white coat as he works in a pest control company.  He struggles on blind dates because of his job instability and is still hung up on his failure as an athlete.

Ae Ra and Dong Man remain the best of friends through the years along with their crappy lives.  They support and lean on each other when they need someone to be by their side.

fight for my wayfight for my way

Not your average Cinderella tale

Fight For My Way threads to a friends-turned-lovers drama premise.  It is introspective and will most likely be a hit with the working class. The lead couple thriving on third-rate lives invoke a hindsight on how the things we do not work on when we had the opportunity will haunt us at some point in our lives.

The series deviates from the standard rom-com structure of rich guys and perfect romance. We feel the sentiments of normal people struggling to stay afloat with their existence. It tackles the uncertainty if it is too late for them to still follow their dreams.

fight for my way

The unidealistic vibe of the friendship circle in Fight For My Way affirms an engaging invitation to sit in for a drama that is coated not with the most fancy things, but remains beautiful just the same.

Catch KBS’ Fight For My Way at 10PM every Wednesdays and Thursdays!


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