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Photos revealed of May Queen’s Kim Jaewon reading a script

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Actor’s Kim Jaewon‘s behind-the-scenes photos were revealed recently. Through MBC‘s weekend drama series May Queen, Kim Jaewon has been receiving a lot of love from viewers for his character Kang San who is always bright, has a warm heart, and always tries his best in his  profession. Photos of him reading his script were uploaded, and receiving a lot of attention from his fans.

In the photo, Kim Jaewon was wearing a blue plaid shirt. His clothing matched him well as his pale skin allowed the clothing to stand out. Those who saw the photo of Kim Jaewon reading his script said:

“It looks like he enjoys reading his script, so good looking.”

“When I see Kim Jaewon’s smile, it makes my mood better.”

“He’s the vitamin actor~”.

Many viewers of May Queen are very curious whether the love line between Kim Jaewon and Han Jihye will happen or not. What are your thoughts?

Sources: (News & Photo) – The Star

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