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Reversals And Shake-Ups On Produce 101 Season 2’s Top 60 Unveiling

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It was a thrilling day for ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ as the top 60 trainees move on to their next assignment.

‘Produce 101 Season 2’ is an audition program with a goal to debut a boy group from its intensive stage battles and training.  It is participated by trainees sent by various South Korean entertainment companies, who are graded with their performance through online and onsite voting plus special scores gained from surprise challenges.

The May 5 episode rounded up all the votes cast from online and live telecast, including the special points earned from the previous battle round where the boys covered famous boy group songs. On a sad note, 38 trainees bid goodbye on their journey to debut as a member of an idol boy group.

Maroo Entertainment’s Park Ji Hoon nails his popularity in securing the top spot above highly praised Samuel Kim from Brave Entertainment. Known for his variety of facial reactions, Park Ji Sung (MMO) sneaks in the 3rd spot due to his lively center performance in last week’s battle round.

produce 101 season 2 top 60

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Park Woo Dam, who ranked first after his amazing vocal display in the previous episode, slides to rank 54. Perennial favorite and the first center Lee Dae Hwi settles at rank 7, surprising his fellow trainees. Jolly Jang Moon Bok fails to enter top 11 by 3 slots with his rank 14.

Pretty boys and online favorites Ong Sung Woo, Ahn Hyung Sub and Lai Guan Lin land spots at Top 11, while former Nu’est members Choi Min Ki and Kang Dong Ho get the 19th and 20th places respectively.

produce 101 season 2

Episode 5 showcased Produce 101 Season 1 girls Kim So Hye, Kim So Hee and Choi Yoo Jung, who act as special hosts for the episode. The girls provide insights on the ranking evaluation and cutely laugh at the boys’ reaction when they were asked to share their thoughts in front of a mirror where a ghost prank is set to scare them.

Here are the some of the best reactions from the trainees:

Below is the official list of Produce 101 Season 2 Top 60:

  1. Park Ji Hoon (Maroo Entertainment)
  2. Samuel Kim (Brave Entertainment)
  3. Yoon Ji Sung (MMO Entertainment)
  4. Ong Sung Woo (Fantagio)
  5. Daniel Kang (MMO Entertainment)
  6. Ahn Hyung Sub (Yue Hua Entertainment)
  7. Lee Dae Hwi (Brand New Music)
  8. Kim Jong Hyun (Pledis Entertainment)
  9. Lai Guan Lin (Cube Entertainment)
  10. Joo Hak Nyeon (Cre.ker Entertainment)
  11. Hwang Min Hyun (Pledis Entertainment)
  12. Bae Jin Young
  13. Jung Se Woon
  14. Jang Moon Bok
  15. Yoo Sun Ho
  16. Kim Jae Hwan
  17. Lee Eui Woong
  18. Lee Woo Jin
  19. Choi Min Ki
  20. Kang Dong Ho
  21. Ha Sung Woon
  22. Park Sung Woo
  23. Kwon Hyun Bin
  24. Park Woo Jin
  25. Kim Tae Dong
  26. Noh Tae Hyun
  27. Im Young Min
  28. Takada Kenta
  29. Lee Gun Hee
  30. Yoon Hee Suk
  31. Justin
  32. Kim Tae Min
  33. Kim Dong Bin
  34. Kim Yong Guk
  35. Jung Dong Su
  36. Hong Eun Ki
  37. Kim Dong Han
  38. Kim Tae Woo
  39. Kim Dong Hyun
  40. Kim Ye Hyun
  41. Lee Joon Woo
  42. Woo Jin Young
  43. Kim Sang Gyun
  44. Lee Kwang Hyun
  45. Joo Jin Woo
  46. Kim Sung Ri
  47. Ha Min Ho
  48. Lee Yoo Jin
  49. Yeo Hwan Woong
  50. Jung Jung
  51. Seo Sung Hyuk
  52. Byun Hyun Min
  53. Kim Yong Jin
  54. Kim Nam Hyung
  55. Park Woo Dam
  56. Yoo Hwae Seung
  57. Lee In Soo
  58. Lee Ki Won
  59. Yoon Jae Chan
  60. Kim Sang Bin

Who will you be cheering for in the top 60? Catch them live every Friday, 11pm at MNET.

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