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Produce X 101 Recap: TOP Media Trainees Clinch First Two Spots + Surprise Twist & Concept Evaluation Preview

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From 60 to 30, Mnet’s survival program has named the trainees who still have a chance to make it to the debut group.

Produce X 101 episode 8 showed the number of trainees cut down to half after the grueling Position Evaluation. The benefit points had shaken up the rankings and saw trainees moved up and down the spots.

Aside from the announcement of the top 30, the latest episode also introduced the next stage, which is the Concept Evaluation. There were also songs from renowned music producers and dance moves, choreographed by Kwon Jae Sung and Choi Young Jun, among others.


Before the Second Ranking Announcement, National Producer Representative Lee Dong Wook reminded them that after the First Ranking announcement, all votes would be reset to zero. With the vote reset, the results of their Position Evaluation and votes from the National Producers will then determine the surviving trainees.

Last week’s Position Evaluation named the trainees who ranked first for their respective teams (who received 100 times their votes). First placers for each position (Dance, Rap and Vocal) received an additional 100,000 points, while the trainees who secured the top spots for the songs in the X Position gained 200 times their score. And lastly, the number one trainee for the X Position received 200,000 points.

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Produce X 101 Concept Evaluation

Prior to announcing the first batch of survivors, host Lee Dong Wook invited the viewers to watch the 60 trainees as they faced their new mission. The National Producers selected the song they thought went well with each trainee for the Concept Evaluation.

As the trainees gathered, Lee Dong Wook explained that their new task would be happening while votes are still being gathered for the Second Ranking Announcement. He also told them that for the next evaluation, they will be evaluated by 2,000 onsite voters. Trainees will be given benefit points, depending on the votes they received; which will again impact their chance at survival. The benefits points will be revealed after the second elimination round.

Concept Evaluation Songs

“Super Special Girl” – Future Funk

Written by Kwon Deok Keun, the same guy behind GOT7’s “1 Degree” and Red Velvet’s “Moonlight Melody”, “Super Special Girl” is a dance song with a groovy rhythm that tells about that heart-pounding feelings and frustrations you feel when meeting someone (a girl, per the song writer) with a mysterious charm for the first time.

Produce X 101

“Monday to Sunday” – RnB Dance House

The songwriter for MXM’s “Knock Knock”, Primeboi gifted Produce X 101 trainees with a song that has a combination of sentimental melody and cheerful beat – which expresses a heart overflowing with emotions while thinking of the person he loves.

“U Got It” – Future EDM Dance

Songwriter Noheul and lyricist Kiggen participated in Produce 101 Season 2 Concept Evaluation, with their song “Oh Little Girl”. They were also credited for NU’EST W’s “If You” and “Spring is Gone by Chance” by GFRIEND Yuju and Loco. For Produce X 101, the duo, together with other songwriters, created a future EDM dance with lyrics that expresses commitment and conviction in keeping the love. Trainer Kwon Jae Sung choreographed the dance moves for this song.

Produce X 101

“Pretty Girl” – Funky Retro Dance

Worked with Stray Kids’ “I Am You” and “Above The Sky” by IZONE, songwriters KZ, Nthonius and The-Private offered a funky retro dance for the trainees. The song is a “hybrid mix of funk and dance based on a retro beat”. Kwon Jae Sung once again created the choreography for this track.

“Move” – Mainstream Pop

Much to the trainees’ delight, the last songwriter revealed was none other than Zico. According to him, the track he created “contains a strong message that will make the world go round.” “The song is mainstream pop that features dynamic composition”. Produce X 101 dance trainer Choi Young Joon created the dance moves to go along with the song.

Produce X 101

Next, Lee Dong Wook handed each trainee an envelope which stated the practice rooms they needed to go to. Once all sixty trainees received their envelopes, it was time to reveal the songs, which were assigned to them by National Producers. Each team picked two temporary centers and leaders. During class practice, some of the trainees got emotional as they knew their survival was hanging on the fence. The trainers offered them encouraging words, and urged them to give their all, and make themselves shine even if it was the last time.

Produce X 101 Second Ranking Announcement

Lee Dong Wook divulged that the number of votes reached a total of 33, 819,751, which shocked the trainees. He also said that the trainee who placed 30th only had a difference of 3,000 votes from the 31st trainee. After that he proceeded to announce the trainees that made the cut, starting from rank 29 to 21. It soon followed by the names of those who rank from 20 to 11.

In what seemed to be one of the biggest shockers of the night, Jellyfish Trainee Kim Min Kyu landed on the tenth spot. Lee Dong Wook expressed his surprise prior to revealing the result, he even clarified if he had the correct cue card. All trainees could not help but showed disbelief as well when he called Min Kyu’s name. On stage, Min Kyu thanked the National Producers for their vote of confidence. He also promised to try his best to “be the star of the National Producers.”

In reference to last episode where he tried to hold back his tears, Lee Dong Wook advised Kim Min Kyu that it was okay to cry. He told the trainee that holding back tears is not a good thing, and he should share his emotions and not keep such things to himself.

Another surprising result was the entrance of Han Seung Woo to the top ten as he secured the 9th spot, followed by Lee Jin Woo, Nam Do Hyon and Lee Eun Sang at 8th, 7th and 6th places, respectively. Koo Jung Mo, Song Hyeong Jun and Kim Yo Han placed at 5th, 4th and 3rd spots.

A first in the history of the show, the remaining seats would be occupied by trainees from the same company. It was a battle between TOP Media trainees Lee Jin Hyuk and Kim Woo Seok, and the latter took the number one spot. The last to join the top 30 was none other than Joo Chang Uk of Woollim Entertainment.

Produce X 101

X Consolation Evaluation

After announcing the name of the last trainee to complete the top 30, Lee Dong Wook gave heart-felt and encouraging words to the other trainees. Trainee Lee Mi Dam expressed his regrets of not putting more effort and about his rank.

Produce X

Produce X 101 episode 8 was just full of surprises. Just when the eliminated trainees thought their battle is over, Lee Dong Wook revealed the episode’s X factor – X Consolation Evaluation. Among the eliminated trainees, one X trainee will have the chance to continue with contest. Within 24 hours, the 30 dropouts have to film a video performing two songs that best showcase their charms and abilities.

Included in the video is a one-minute speech to convey their earnestness in making a debut. The National Producers will watch their videos and vote for the sole X trainee. Casting of votes only lasted a day and X trainee chosen will join the others at the training center.

The sneak preview for next week shows the trainees picking the final members of their teams, including Lee Dong Wook announcing the benefit points. With half of the trainees gone, the changes in the dynamics is certainly inevitable, and trainees need to be moved from one team to the next.

Watch the next episode of Produce X 101 airing on Friday via Mnet.

Below is the complete list of the Top 30 trainees.

Top 10

  1. Kim Woo Seok (TOP Media – 1,728,930)
  2. Lee Jin Hyuk (TOP Media – 1,480,425)
  3. Kim Yo Han (OUI Entertainment – 1,458,183)
  4. Seong Hyeong Jun (Starship Entertainment – 1,418,328)
  5. Koo Jung Mo (Starship Entertainment – 1,334,726)
  6. Lee Eun Sang (Brand New Music – 1,313,074)
  7. Nam Do Hyun (MBK Entertainment – 1,265,468)
  8. Lee Jin Woo (Maroo Entertainment – 1,259,112)
  9. Han Seung Woo (Plan A Entertainment – 1,248,496)
  10. Kim Min Kyu (Jellyfish Entertainment – 1,238,668)

Rank 11 to 20

  1. Son Dong Pyo (DSP Media)
  2. Song Yu Vin (The Music Works)
  3. Cha Jun Ho (Woollim Entertainment)
  4. Ham Won Jin (Starship Entertainment)
  5. Lee Han Gyul (MBK Entertainment)
  6. Choi Byung Chan (Plan A Entertainment)
  7. Cho Seung Youn (Yueha Entertainment)
  8. Hwang Yun Seong (Woollim Entertainment)
  9. Keum Dong Hyun (C9 Entertainment)
  10. Kang Hyeon Su (AAP.Y Entertainment)

Ranks 21 to 30

  1. Lee Se Jin (iME Korea)
  2. Kim Kook Heon (The Music Works)
  3. Kang Min Hee (Starship Entertainment)
  4. Kim Si Hoon (Brand New Music)
  5. Kim Heyon Bin (Source Music)
  6. Lee Hyeop (Individual Trainee)
  7. Tony (HONGYI Entertainment)
  8. Park Sun Ho (sidusHQ)
  9. Choi Su Hwan (Individual Trainee)
  10. Joo Chang Uk (Woollim Entertainment

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