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“Children Of Nobody” Conducts Its First Read-Through

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The cast of MBC’s Children of Nobody shows intense commitment during the drama’s first script reading.

On October 19, the cast and crew of Children of Nobody gathered for its script reading session.

Actors Kim Sun Ah, Lee Yi Kyung, Nam Gyu Ri and Cha Hak Yeon (N of boy group VIXX), among others, convened at the Sangam MBC office in Seoul. The actors’ passion and energy were obvious during the session.

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Children of Nobody is a mystery-thriller about a woman living a perfect life but it turned upside down after an accident. As she tries to recover, she faces mysterious events following her accident.

Kim Sun Ah (Should We Kiss First?) plays the main role, Cha Woo Kyung, a child counselor. It is said that Kim Sun Ah was so immersed in her character that she cried in one of the scenes even though it was just a read-through. The staff applauded the actress’ emotional range and ability to make a character her own.

Lee Yi Kyung (Partners for Justice) will play the character of Detective Kang Ji Heon. His recent works include characters who provide light atmosphere and comic relief. In this new role, however, viewers can expect the actor to show his rough and manly side.

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Nam Gyu Ri (Heartless City) portrays the mysterious character Jeon Soo Young. The actress got rid of her signature long hair and showed up sporting a shorter hairdo.

Director Choi Jung Kyu and writer Do Hyun Jung praised the actors for their enthusiasm and commitment. It made the script reading felt like an actual shooting. To ensure a high quality drama, the production team made extra effort not to miss even the smallest of details.

MBC sets the broadcast date of Children of Nobody at the end of November, following the end of My Secret Terius.