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Ryu Jun Yeol Feels Blessed To Portray A Freedom Fighter In “The Battle: Roar To Victory”

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Slowly but surely, Ryu Jun Yeol climbed up to become one of the most reliable film actors of his generation.

Since his breakthrough performance in top-rating tvN drama Reply 1988, Ryu Jun Yeol has been broadening his film portfolio. Likewise, the last two years saw him star in well-received and critically-acclaimed films such as The King and A Taxi Driver.

The Battle Roar To Victory

Furthermore, his film Money, led to the invitation for the actor’s attendance at the 2019 New York Asian Film Festival Award. Receiving the “Rising Star Award”, an official cited the actor has demonstrated a broad spectrum of performances in his accumulated filmography.

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His most recent project, The Battle: Roar to Victory, which premiered on August 7 has achieved over 1.4 million admission sales as of press time. Gracing an interview, Ryu Jun Yeol talked about the challenges and experiences portraying the role of a freedom fighter.

The Battle Roar To Victory

Grateful for The Battle: Roar To Victory

Ryu relays how he was blessed to receive such an amazing script from the pages of Korean history. Adding to that, he was impressed on the lingering effect of the filming experience. It made him ponder about the efforts of independent movement fighters.

“Unlike other works that dealt with the Japanese colonial period, our film is a story of victory. Thanks to the efforts of these people, I am living in this country. I thought it was meaningful to represent and remember them,” he said.

Having the history books as sole knowledge about the Bongo-dong Battle, his views about its importance was greatly changed after filming. Worrying about his portrayal, he was resolute to capture the emotions of a Korean independence soldier. He reveals little information can be retrieved about the historic battle in Manchuria. Hence, he believes that the victory was remarkable, that the opposing forces did not record it.

Ryu Jun Yeol on his role as freedom fighter

Depicting the battle between the Korean and Japanese forces, the film captures the unwavering spirit of Korean independence army. Set in Manchuria, the Bongo-dong battle is regarded as a successful victory. With a mission to deliver funds for the Korean Provisional Government, the freedom fighters unite against the Japanese forces.

Inspired by a real Independence Army character, Ryu Jun Yeol played the role of a marksman. Working on complex action scenes, the actor trained gun shooting and challenged wire-action combat scenes.

He said, “It was a fun experience. Despite being safe, I was surprised at first. But with all the equipment, it was safe to shoot and eventually amazing scenes are born.”

On working with senior actors

In the film, Ryu Jun Yeol reunites with seasoned actor Yoo Hae Jin, with whom he worked with in A Taxi Driver. He discloses he has been learning a lot from him in terms of life and career perspectives.

Also, sharing an advice he got from veteran actor Yoo Ji Tae, he mentioned struggling to communicate with senior actors after his debut. Noticing that, he was advised me that it would be great for him to be acquainted with fellow actors. Since then, he can now say that living with them will not be a problem.

Realizing the wisdom of Yoo’s lesson, Ryu Jun Yeol confessed how there are stories that he can’t tell his neighborhood friends as an actor. Additionally, the closeness with those friends are good, but the similarities and acting concerns is easier to share with fellow actors.

The Battle: Roar To Victory is currently showing in local Korean cinemas.

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