SBS Inkigayo Gifts MONSTA X’s Minhyuk With An Early Birthday Bash

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MONSTA X’s sunshine and Inkigayo’s resident puppy and handsome prince is all smiles in an early birthday celebration!

On October 25, MONSTA X’s Minhyuk took to his group’s social media account to thank SBS Inkigayo staff on celebrating his birthday in advance.

The charismatic maltese who “always pretends to be a shepherd” posed in four adorable photos while cosplaying as Pinocchio.

Minhyuk expressed his gratitude to SBS Inkigayo’s staff and crew for adding happiness to his day.

The cake also has captions with Charismatic Maltese, Lovely Shepherd, Ultra Handsome with Puppy-like Charms Prince.

APRIL’s Naeun and NCT’s Jaehyun also dressed themselves in cute cartoon characters. Naeun cosplayed as the fluffy pink Piglet from Winnie the Pooh while Jaehyun looks charming as Woody from Toy Story.

Screenshot from SBS Inkigayo’s October 25 broadcast

Inkigayo celebrated Minhyuk’s November 3 birthday in advance as there won’t be a broadcast on November 1. This is to give way to the start of the baseball postseason.

The postseason will begin with a wild card round. It will then be followed by the best-of-three first round, the best-of-five second round and the best-of-seven Korean Series.

With the start of the baseball postseason on November 1, MONSTA X’s comeback preview was shown earlier at SBS Inkigayo’s October 25 broadcast. The beastly idols will then grace Inkigayo with their ever so awesome comeback stage on November 8.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X dropped its breathtaking version 1 and 4 concept photos for the 3rd full album “Fatal Love.”

Having its official release with the title track “Love Killa”, MONBEBE surely can’t wait any longer until November 2 comes.

Source: Starship Entertainment