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Shin Sung Rok To Guest In SBS Variety Show “All The Butlers”

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Chameleon actor Shin Sung Rok is poised to show off his candid entertainment skills in All the Butlers.

Scheduled for September 8 episode guesting, Shin Sung Rok is expected to present his casual side. The actor, who is often lauded for his sound villain and hero portrayals, has scored two dramas in contrasting roles this year.

Shin Sung Rok

He is a dark emperor in The Last Empress and and an eccentric fashion designer in Perfume. Both dramas displayed his outstanding impression as a love struck male lead.

In the released video, Shin joined the regular cast members in a show dance featuring their various charms.

상승형재가 사부를 만나는 방법 ㅋㅋㅋ 흔들어 재껴야 만날수 있는 사부의 정체는? ☞ SBS 집사부일체 #MasterInTheHouse Ep.85 Preview#이승기 #양세형 #이상윤 #육성재 #사부를만나는방법

Posted by SBS on Friday, 6 September 2019

With a given series conquest to complete, Shin cutely expressed mental breakdown because of the unexpected missions. Additionally, the actor even asked “Why am I Here?” in a released teaser.

The express missions that will put the cast members and Shin Sung Rok on a bind can be seen on the September 8 episode at 6:25PM KST via SBS.

All the Butlers is an SBS entertainment program starring Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Seung Gi, Yook Sung Jae and Yang Se Hyung. Meeting renowned public figures, they venture to a 2 days 1 night adventure with a goal to learn knowledge from the supposed invited “master”.

All the Butlers

Source: Xportsnews

Image Credit: SBS



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