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Shoo and Her Family to Appear on ‘Oh! My Baby’

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Shoo and her family will be making their appearance on SBS Oh! My Baby.

As announced on January 28 by the production team of SBS Oh! My Baby, the former S.E.S member, her husband and basketball player Lim Hyo Sung, their three children; 6-year-old son Yoo, and 3-year-old twin daughters Ra Hee and Ra Yool, will be joining the show in place of actor Kim Jung Min and his wife Tani Rumiko, as they are scheduled to step down from the show.

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Shoo and her little twins have received a lot of love ever since they participated in various programs such as Return of Superman and Roommate. However, the show Oh! My Baby will be the mark of their first appearance as main casts.

Kim Min Jung and his wife have made a tough decision to leave the SBS show as their maknae son Dam Yul is too small. However, they will be returning to the show when Dam Yul is older.


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