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Sohee Devotes Herself in Acting for ’Heart to Heart’

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A picture of Sohee wearing swimsuit has been unveiled. This is a scene from her upcoming drama Heart to Heart, as reported by Mwave.

In the picture, Sohee is seen wearing a cute retro two-piece swimsuit with stylish sunglasses. The singer-actress may look relaxed but it is revealed that she had to film the scene in cold weather.

Heart to Heart’s crew opened up: “During filming, it started raining and the temperature dropped, so it was a difficult weather to film in wearing a swimming suit. Sohee must have been very cold but she worked enthusiastically without showing a sign of struggling.”

The idol plays the role of Go Sae, the little sister of the male lead.

The new tvN drama Heart to Heart will screen from January 9.

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