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Song Hye Kyo Teams Up With Wong Kar Wai For Chinese Film Projects

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Song Hye Kyo has signed a contract with world-renowned film director Wong Kar Wai.

At the recent 38th Hong Kong Film Awards, Song Hye Kyo announced sealing a deal with Wong Kar Wai’s production company. “I want to cooperate with more Chinese actors and filmmakers,” the actress said.

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In the interview, Song revealed to Chinese media that the brilliant director is a good friend. She added, “After this contract, I will work with more excellent Chinese directors and actors.”

The actress recently worked on well-applauded romance melodrama Encounter with Park Bo Gum. She also made generous patriotic contribution in celebration of South Korea’s centennial celebration of the founding of its provisional government.

Song Hye Kyo *Image via ELLE*

Song Hye Kyo *Image via ELLE*

Meanwhile, Wong Kar Wai last worked on Tong Wars. His portfolio boasts acclaimed films such as Happy Together, Chungking Express, and In The Mood For Love.

Song and Wong previously worked on 2013 film The Grandmaster. This collaboration has expanded the actress’ reach to Chinese market.

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