Song Joong Ki & Kim Tae Ri Starrer “Space Sweepers” Unveiled An Adventurous Trailer

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A new space adventure themed movie, Space Sweepers is slated for release this summer!

Korea’s first space themed science fiction film, Space Sweepers ended the long wait, and released the first trailer on May 7, raising the expectations of prospective audience.

Space Sweepers

Space Sweepers consists of a star-studded cast that includes Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, Jin Seon Kyu and Yoo Hae Jin.

The movie is set in the year 2092 where the universe is filled with dangerous garbage such as discarded satellites and drifting spaceships. It follows the journey of a crew boarded on a spaceship called Victory.

They travel through space scavenging for valuable garbage that can be sold for money. During their exploration they discover a humanoid weapon of mass destruction called, Dorothy and get involved in a dangerous business deal.

Returning to the big screen after three years, Song Joong Ki plays Tae Ho who is the pilot of the ship. Joining him is Kim Tae Ri who takes on the role of Captain Jang, the leader of the ship. Completing the team are Jin Seon Kyu who plays engineer, Tiger Park and Yoo Hae Jin as robots.

Space Sweepers

Taking charge of the reins for this movie is director Jo Sung Hee, who is known for his works, A Werewolf Boy and Phantom Detective. Famous for creating innovative storylines with fantasy elements, Jo Sung Hee will be showing a new world created from his imagination through Space Sweepers.

With an exciting ensemble and unique spectacle of outer space, Space Sweepers aims to show a new and fun movie. Currently in post-production, the movie is scheduled to release this Summer.

However, the distributor of the movie, Merry Christmas stated that the exact date of the movie’s release had not yet been confirmed.

Source: Sports Chosun, Korea Herald

Images Credit: Space Sweepers trailer Screen Capture

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