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Song Seung Heon To Bare His Bachelor Life On MBC’s “I Live Alone”

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Set to reveal his candid charms, Song Seung Heon will be featured in the newest episode of I Live Alone.

The actor is set to appear on the April 24 broadcast at 11:10 p.m. KST on MBC. Expectations are heightened as to what “reality TV treat” Song Seung Heon will show his fans.

Song Seung Heon I Live Alone

Song’s laidback life

In the released photo teasers, Song’s daily life is drawn in the backdrop of the picturesque Jeju Island. He enjoys jogging and fishing amidst the beautiful scenery.

Additionally, he spends a romantic day out in the city center. Finding time to destress and heal, he sits in front of the beach on a pensive mood. Also, he enjoys fishing in the open water.

Interestingly, his clumsy side will surely draw laughter from his followers. Behind his almost perfect appearance, his adorable mistakes as he breaks things make him even more endearing. Peeking on his exercise routine and cooking habits gives a relatable connection for his followers.

Moreover, Song Seung Heon reveals the reason of his appearance to the well-love entertainment show. “The best thing I have done in my life is to quit smoking,” he said frankly. He further discloses his healthy lifestyle tips that keeps his manly beauty timeless.

Aside from quitting smoking, he also mentioned a special healthy recipe. A smoothie with mysterious ingredient that has led to explosive reaction from I Live Alone cast members in the studio.

Song Seung Heon I Live Alone

Upcoming Drama

Currently, Song is preparing for a new drama also on MBC. In the series, he takes the role of a psychiatrist and a food critic.

Pairing up with Seo Ji Hye, their characters share the love for finding great food. From there, they begin to trust romantic emotions again.

Previously, MBC released photos showing off the synergy of the two actors.

Song Seung Heon

More peeks of Song Seung Heon’s never before seen real life is highlighted on MBC’s I Live Alone broadcast on April 24.

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