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“Soulmate” Acquaints Viewers To Character Sketches of Kim Da Mi and Jeon So Nee

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Challenging a critically-acclaimed 2016 Chinese film for their new project, the two talented actresses are set to greet the viewers at the Korean box office.

Directed by Min Young-geun and backed up by Climax Studio and Endmark Studio; Korean film Soulmate affirms release in March with two teaser posters previously unveiled.

Soulmate is a remake of the 2016 Chinese film of the same name. It tells the story of two friends who shared fond memories together.

The film stars Kim Da Mi, Jeon So Nee and Byun Woo Seok.


Correspondingly, providing quick character sketches of the lead stars; Soulmate released character stills of Kim Da Mi and Jeon So Nee.

Kim Da Mi portrays Mi-so. In the revealed character stills, her bright and fresh youth seems to have changed years later. It draws interest to what happened to her life.

Mi-so is a person who wants to live freely as she wants, but loves her dearest friend to the point where she always gives way for her.

Meanwhile, Jeon So Nee takes the role of Ha-eun, who has a firm heart beneath her quiet and neat appearance. She is a faithful friend who longs for the freedom to be happy and a strong fortress that you can always lean on and return to.

Director Min Yong-geun and Kim Da Mi praised the actress for her character immersion.

“The depth of seeing the characters is different. In every scene, Ha-eun’s feelings were carefully felt. Her opinions were expressed fully by Jeon So Nee.”

Expected to captivate the viewers for its nostalgic vibe, Soulmate promises to evoke cherished memories shared with others.

Source: JTBC News

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