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“Soulmate” Showcases Stand Out Chemistry of Kim Da Mi, Jeon So Nee and Byun Woo Seok

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Along with character posters, Soulmate reveals its box office premiere on March 15!

Soulmate chronicles the story of two friends who shared fond memories together. They recognized each other from the first meeting and shared everything from happiness to sadness, excitement, and longing.

The text on the teaser posters shares the question: “Do you think of me sometimes?” It evokes nostalgic notes that the story will unfurl among the three friends Mi-so, Hae-eun and Jin-woo.

In the teaser trailer, the three convey happiness creating memories together such as motorbike riding, picnic by the beach and playing arcade games.

Moreover, Y2K elements like MP3 players, flip-top phones and arcade houses would add nostalgic notes to the film. The phrases “17 years old we shined the most, 27 years old we miss you” raise curiosity.

Subsequently, film stills were unraveled showing the beginnings of connections shared by the three friends. Mi-so and Ha-eun evoke worth envying friendship as Mi-so and Jin-woo meet for the first time at a school ground. Then, the three set forth on a beach trip to Jeju Island.

Soulmate premieres on march 15 in Korean cinemas nationwide.


Source: JTBC News

Photos/Video: Studion New