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“Space Sweepers” Starring Song Joong Ki & Kim Tae Ri Buckles Up For Its Approaching Launch

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Eagerly-awaited Space Sweepers readies to mark a milestone with its futuristic concept fueled by a powerhouse cast!

The cast and production team of Space Sweepers expound on what to expect in the science fiction film. Director Jo Seung Hee together with its main cast attended the online movie presentation on August 18.

Threading on a revolutionary concept, the film is set in the year 2092. It narrates the story of a spaceship crew that stumbled on a humanoid robot known to be a weapon of mass destruction.

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Suiting up as its main hero Tae Ho is Song Joong Ki who plays the pilot of space ship Victory. The film reunites the actor to Director Jo since working together for acclaimed film, A Werewolf Boy.

Kim Tae Ri dons the ship captain badge as Captain Jang while Jin Seon Kyu takes the role of ship engineer, Tiger Park. Rounding up the interesting picture of cast is Park Hae Jin as a robot.

A Film Focusing on Space Waste

Recounting the conceptualization of Space Sweepers, Director Cho explained how the movie was brought about by a dinner with his friend a decade ago. His friend told how space waste is a pressing problem. From there, he and his team began conceiving the story of a space worker clearing the space garbage.

Director Jo said, “The job of collecting space garbage has been dealt with in various genres. I was curious what it would be like to do this concept with gritty Koreans who can survive anywhere.”

Further explaining the premise of the film, the director conveyed how the film is set in the distant future where the planet has become severely deserted. Thriving on the planet is next to impossible and 5% of the surviving elite people safely live in a satellite orbit breathing fresh air and verdant forest.

Adding the concept of societal hierarchy is also present in the movie, Space Sweepers show the division of people. “Our characters live in space within them, but they are not space citizens. They do dangerous things with the same status as migrant workers struggling to make the ends meet.”

Albeit revolving to an innovative concept, the director assures viewers would be able to empathize. Common problems like loans and utility bills are even going to be presented in the series.

“Hollywood features hero-like characters in cool suits, but in our movie, Korean common people fly in spaceships,” Director Cho concluded.

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Enthusiastic Crew of Spaceship Victory

Revealing he belatedly learned about the central theme of space trash, Song Joong Ki admitted that he was drawn to the film owing to Director Cho’s driven attitude. More so, because it is the first space science fiction film in South Korea.

Song expressed excitement of being part of Korea’s first space-themed movie. Giving a sneak peek of his role as a space pilot, he described it to have a serious and grim image.

He said, “He is a character who doesn’t have enough money to the point of wearing socks with holes. He is game for anything that makes money.”

Spicing up Victory spaceship crew is its leader, Captain Jang. Creating a distinct layer with a formidable pictured heroine, Kim Tae Ri aims to impress the viewers.

Sharing the challenges in the filming, she takes pride of the actors’ synergy which led to a fun filming. Song agrees to Kim’s remarks giving credit to senior actor Park Hae Jin for the guidance and ideas.

The character actor braves the role of a robot for the first time in a film. With his voice taking the bulk of his character, he felt gratified for something new and unfamiliar that he challenged as an actor.

Meanwhile, Jin Seon Kyu narrates how his initial background study about space garbage piqued his interest. For his role, he even sported dread locks complete with not washing it for four months to channel the spirit of Tiger Park.

Considerate to the COVID-19 situation, Director Cho invites the viewers tactfully. He hopes that by the time of the movie release, the situation is improved for film goers to see a film they work so hard to complete.

Space Sweepers will begin showing in nationwide cinemas starting September 23.

Source: Sports Donga

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