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Studio Dragon Expands Business Range Through Popular K-Drama Contents

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Surging to increased revenues, Studio Dragon makes use of the successful series it has produced for its goal of magnifying its market presence.

Aligning its current and future productions, Studio Dragon aims to broaden its reach through popular Korean dramas it has produced.

In the first quarter of 2019 alone, the famed production company achieved 40% increase in sales and 3.5% operating profits.


Spearheading the rise is the imaginative thriller Memories of the Alhambra, which accounted sales revenue of KRW74.1 billion. With popular dramas including Romance is a Bonus Book, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim to name a few, the company continues to expound its potentials.

Following a new growth strategy for Studio Dragon, the CJ ENM subsidiary extends its content to global remake, games, films, performances, VR, and souvenir items. In particular, upcoming star-studded series Arthdal Chronicles is being optimized for a game. Given its creative design, characters and fantasy setting, the move seems viable.

Studio Dragon The Guest


Moreover, OCN thrillers Bad Guys and The Guest will be adapted to films. Owing to its excellent soundtrack, the hit romance drama Another Oh Hae Young is being primed for a musical stage.

VR contents are underway for Arthdal Chronicles and Nine. Also, products such as What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim character dolls, Memories of the Alhambra fountain pen, and commemorative coin for Arthdal Chronicles are also being prepped up for fans.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?


Global remake is being prepared in various lineups. In the Asian region, Voice, Signal, and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim are currently being worked on. Additionally, in the United States, Memories of the Alhambra and Emergency Couple are also ongoing projects.

An official from Studio Dragon revealed working on 11 dramas in the second quarter, which is three times more than the production in 2018, further solidifies the prosperous activity of the business.