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K-Drama Recap: “Suits” Episodes 11 & 12

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New faces seem to mean new problems as Suits entered into its sixth week!

The legal drama which had been dominating our screens lately spices things up even more with new characters joining in the story of topnotch lawyer Choi Kang Seok and his genius associate Go Yeon Woo. In addition to the growing tension from the previous episodes, the appointment of a new associate and the return of an important man in Kang and Ham seem to shake both Yeon Woo and Kang Seok. Will they be allies, or will they be enemies?

Here’s a rundown of highlights from episodes 11 and 12:


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Director Ham’s Return

We meet the other half of Kang and Ham as Kang Seok and Ms. Kang head to the funeral of Director Ham’s wife.
Ms. Kang gets a flashback of the rainy night Director Ham entered the office with a crowbar, completely drenched and acting like he was out of his mind. He swings the crowbar at the Kang and Ham sign behind Ms. Kang, and ends up smashing the part with his name on it.

He claims that he’s a changed man now, and Kang Seok asks him if he’s implying on returning to the firm. Although Director Ham initially says he doesn’t have time to think about work yet since his wife had just died, both Kang Seok and Ms. Kang think otherwise. Kang Seok offers to keep Director Ham out of the office, and asks Ms. Kang to hire Prosecutor Kim in exchange for it.

Ms. Hong informs Kang Seok that it’s been chaotic at the firm since rumors of Director Ham coming back had erupted. Kang Seok tells her that he wouldn’t let him return, but she says that she’s also worried about him because everyone in the firm has been badmouthing him ever since the issue with the prosecution. Ms. Hong points out that everyone has been keeping their eyes on the topnotch lawyer and reminds him to keep an eye on his weakness: Yeon Woo. She also asks him if he’s aware of Yeon Woo and Ji Na’s developing relationship, and Kang Seok says that that’s one more reason why they must be more careful about the secret regarding Yeon Woo’s identity.

suits korean drama recap

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Yeon Woo’s Transformation

Yeon Woo decides to transform into the competent lawyer Kang and Ham wants him to be by changing his look up a bit and dressing up sharply. He trades his sneakers for a pair of suede shoes, sprays on perfume, and puts in effort to look dapper in his suit. Kang Seok notices this and asks him about it when he gets to the office, and the associate tells him that his look is inspired by the fact that Kang Seok told him that he would assign him his own case to handle. The topnotch lawyer then hands him the case he promised – that is about a woman who is pressing plagiarism charges against their client’s publishing company.

He then heads to Ji Na’s office, who also notices his new look. He rambles on about wanting not just to be the lawyer Kang and Ham wants, but also a real attorney, which Ji Na catches on. She jokingly asks him if he’s implying that he’s a fake attorney, and although Yeon Woo doesn’t outright deny it, she lets it slide.

Yeon Woo goes to Lee Jeong In, the complainant on the case he’s working on, and tells himself to just focus on winning the case before facing her. He approaches her and he tries to convince her to drop the lawsuit if she knows what’s best for her over their discussion. However, she refuses to do so and tells him that he doesn’t know everything.

suits korean drama recap

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Kang Seok’s Recruit

Kang Seok goes to Director Ham and tries to talk him into admitting the embezzlement he’s done at Kang and Ham and face criminal charges. He says that it will no longer affect the company as much if he does so because it’s been a long time since he’s been active at the firm. Director Ham tells him that although he hadn’t been thinking about returning to the firm at first, he found Kang Seok’s threats drawing him into going back to Kang and Ham. Kang Seok threatens Director Ham once more as he promises to tell his daughter in detail about his affair with another woman if he goes back to the firm.

Ms. Kang keeps her end of the bargain and tells Geun Sik to hire Prosecutor Kim. At first, Geun Sik was upset because he thought he was getting his promotion and his own associate, but he eases up when Kang Seok calls him his friend.

The former prosecutor shows up on her first day at the firm as a senior associate and is annoyed whe she spots Geun Sik filing his nails in her own assigned office. They immediately banter and Geun Sik tells her that he’d also keep his eye on her since she’s Kang Seok’s recruit.

Kang Seok talks to the now-attorney Kim and asks her how she found out about Yeon Woo. Attorney Kim tells him that she got curious about the associate and used all her resources to figure out what was up with Kang Seok’s mentee. Kang Seok then warns her not to say anything to anyone about Yeon Woo, in exchange for him keeping quiet about her brother’s assault case in the army.

suits korean drama recap

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Ji Na’s Help

Yeon Woo talks to Ji Na about the case assigned to him, and the paralegal tells him that she enjoyed the book that Jeong In is claiming to be plagiarized. The associate gives her Jeong In’s manuscript and asks her to read it for comparison. Ji Na obliges and while reading it, Yeon Woo just stares at her contentedly. He only moves when she finishes reading and catches him watching her. The paralegal then tells him that the main characters and the story line are almost exactly the same, confirming Yeon Woo’s thoughts about the two stories. She then reveals that this case must be difficult for the publishing company especially since they’re in the middle of a merger, which Yeon Woo didn’t know about. He thanks her and quickly rushes off before Ji Na could even finish saying that he should thank her by buying her dinner. Disappointment shows on Ji Na’s face, but it gets replaced by joy when Yeon Woo goes back to tell her he’s game for that dinner.

He goes to meet with the publishing company’s CEO and suggests that they offer Jeong In compensation instead so they can drop the case. CEO Hong says that he feels as if their lawyer isn’t on their side, but Yeon Woo tells him that he’s only trying to protect the company’s reputation seeing as they’re undergoing a merger. The CEO obliges, and Yeon Woo meets with Jeong In to hand her the settlement agreement.

suits korean drama recap

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Yeon Woo’s Confession

Despite saying that it’s a lot of money, she refuses to just merely take it in exchange for dropping the lawsuit. She tells Yeon Woo that she isn’t after the money – she wants CEO Hong to acknowledge that he had wronged her and later on, with the help of Ji Na, reveals that he raped her on the day she signed a contract as a writer at the publishing company. Jeong In says that she’s not even trying to make a belated rape claim, but she’s mad that he even managed to steal her ideas after and refuses to apologize.

The two walk back together and Yeon Woo ends up letting Ji Na know that he worries about her sometimes. She blushes at how flustered he got and kisses him, and the associate is obviously taken aback. She is embarrassed when she pulls away and realizes what she’s done, but Yeon Woo gives her another kiss. They go out to eat ramyeon together, and while talking, Yeon Woo figures out that after they finish the plagiarism case, Jeong In can just hire another lawyer from another firm to work on the other case. Ji Na is over the moon as Yeon Woo refers to them as a team.

suits korean drama recap

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Kang Seok’s Gift

Yeon Woo updates Kang Seok with his case, and although the high-profile lawyer doesn’t agree with threatening their client, he tells his associate to take care of the copyright infringement case and make sure it doesn’t affect the merger. He informs Yeon Woo after that Kang and Ham will drop the publishing company as their client. Yeon Woo enlists Ji Na’s help once again and asks her to represent Jeong In in their meeting with CEO Hong. The paralegal feels nervous about it, but Yeon Woo cheers her on. Yeon Woo presents Jeong In the settlement agreement again for her to withdraw the lawsuit, and he gives CEO Hong an agreement with him acknowledging that the original work was Jeong In’s in order for her to drop the case. He refuses at first, but Ji Na bravely informs him that they’d be filing a criminal assault case against him if he doesn’t do it.

He hands the agreement to Kang Seok, who calls him crazy, because now they can’t be paid for the case. However, he hands Yeon Woo a brand new watch as his commission for the first case he’s handled. He jokingly tries to take it back as he points out that he wasn’t satisfied with the results of the case, but Yeon Woo takes it away from him. He also hands his associate a playing card, which is the ten of hearts. He says he knows that his girlfriend Ji Na helped him with the case and Yeon Woo asks how he found out about them. Kang Seok informs him that office romance is prohibited in the firm, and before the conversation could go further, Ms. Hong barges in and informs him that Director Ham is back.

suits korean drama recap

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Kang Seok’s Dilemma

He tells everyone that he has embezzled money from the firm and asks them for a chance to prove that he’s changed. He also tells Ms. Kang and Kang Seok that he had come clean to his daughter about the embezzlement and the affair he was in.

Kang Seok advises Yeon Woo to avoid Director Ham, and when he asks why later on, the lawyer reveals that it was him who kicked Director Ham out of the firm. He says that Director Ham is surely out to revenge on him, which worries Yeon Woo. Additionally, Yeon Woo, who was earlier seen to be visiting his grandmother and witnessing the employees of the sanatorium his grandma stays in are holding a strike, is told by Kang Seok that the sanatorium is their client. He asks if his grandma should transfer, but Kang Seok assures him that he will finish the deal soon. They meet with the union leader and their attorney.

Despite offering more benefits like a ten percent raise, a nurse’s lounge, and regular breaks, they are not able to come to an agreement. He tells Yeon Woo that they’re going to have to file a restraining order to stop the strike. Yeon Woo recommends saying that the workers on strike had been too loud, disturbing the patients, but Kang Seok turns down his suggestion.

During a meeting with the firm’s senior partners, Director Ham says he will take care of the Haram sanatorium case, but Kang Seok says that it’s his case. Director Ham then asks him why he still hasn’t been able to get a restraint order for the union strike from the court in front of everyone, obviously taking a jab at the lawyer regarding his previous issue with the prosecution.

Ms. Kang is nervous about Director Ham’s actions, but Kang Seok insists that she shouldn’t worry because he will take care of it. Kang Seok asks Yeon Woo to hand him some pro bono cases, and he gives them to Director Ham. Director Ham is offended at Kang Seok looking down on him and he says that the lawyer should still show him respect because he is the firm’s managing partner. Kang Seok later on finds Director Ham at the court dealing with the Haram Sanatorium case despite having warned him to stop meddling with his case, which angers him. To his dismay, Director Ham was able to get the judge to grant the restraining order against the employees on strike.

suits korean drama recap

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Yeon Woo’s Success

Ms. Hong and Ji Na go together for a drink, and Ji Na talks about her relationship with Yeon Woo. Ms. Hong gives her advice to just go with her blossoming romance with Yeon Woo while she still can, which Ji Na keeps in mind.

Meanwhile, Yeon Woo finds Director Ham in his grandmother’s room in the sanatorium when he goes to visit her, and he leads him out to talk. The director tells him that he isn’t planning on making an enemy out of Kang Seok and just wants to finish the case. Yeon Woo says that they have to convince the union leader more, and Director Ham tells him that he should go and try it because he seems to have a knack in understanding others.

The associate tries to consult with Kang Seok first, but the lawyer doesn’t answer his phone. He finds the union leader and takes her to his grandmother’s room, where his grandmother talks about how the strike had been affecting the nurses themselves. She also asks the union leader to put a stop to the bullying that the new nurses seem to have been facing because they are disregarded by their seniors, and the union leader apologizes. She eventually agrees to re-open the negotiations, which Yeon Woo proudly tells Kang Seok.

Yeon Woo pats himself on the back for a job well done, and he engulfs Ji Na in a big hug when he sees her. He says that he was able to solve a problem that even Kang-seok and Director Ham couldn’t, and they agree to celebrate after work.

suits korean drama recap

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Director Ham’s Trickery

Despite showing Yeon Woo that he’s satisfied with what the associate had done, Kang Seok angrily confronts Director Ham for lying to Yeon Woo. The director says he technically didn’t lie to Yeon Woo – he only left out some things. Kang Seok tells him that upon being hired by the hospital for the case, they were informed that the hospital board intends to invest more on marketing and the hospital’s exterior. Due to budget restraints, the hospital would never hire more nurses and actually plans to lay off some staff.

Director Ham brings Yeon Woo with him to a meeting with the union leader, and he leaves the associate alone after informing the two that things have gone downhill. Kang Seok appears and gives the union leader a layoff notice which requires twenty-three nurses with at least five years’ experience to leave the hospital as a punishment for bullying their juniors. Unfortunately, the union leader is part of those twenty-three, and she angrily blames Yeon Woo, who feels back-stabbed by both Kang Seok and Director Ham.

In his anger brought by his argument with Kang Seok, he forgets about his plans with Ji Na, who patiently waits for him and ends up leaving disappointed. He heads to Kang Seok’s office, but leaves when he finds Attorney Kim, who reports to Kang Seok after keeping an eye on Geun Sik, in there instead. Yeon Woo goes home to find Director Ham waiting for him outside, much to his surprise.

suits korean drama recap

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What does Director Ham have up his sleeve? Will the rift between Yeon Woo and Kang Seok grow into something terrible? Find out in the coming episodes of Suits!


Suits airs on KBS every Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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