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K-Drama Recap: “Suits” Episodes 13 & 14

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Things are getting more tense as more people try to bring down Kang and Ham’s ultimate tandem in the seventh week of Suits!

The KBS legal drama’s brilliant duo faces more problems as their enemies continue to increase in numbers. More people are now determined to pull Kang Seok and Yeon Woo down, even if it involves putting the people they love and the relationships they hold dear into peril. Will their enemies be successful in destroying them, or will they triumph in the end?

Here’s a rundown of highlights from episodes 13 and 14:

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Bringing Up the Past

Another case Kang Seok has handled in the past is being dug up once again, which puts him in a sticky situation. The arrogant Attorney David Kim returns as the representative of the complainant and he is determined to bring Kang Seok down and even sends him to prison. Kang Seok, who represented the defendant Yuno Motors in a case filed against them by a guy whose family died in a car accident and claims that the company is to blame for it because there was a problem with the steering wheel, is being accused of hiding a vital evidence from the court. This evidence was a memo from the company issued before the accident claiming that the car model involved in the car crash was faulty and was just later on dug up, which led to the reopening of the case.

Ms. Kang is worried that Director Ham might use this against her and Kang Seok to send them out of the company. She tells Kang Seok to find out who messed up in the case so someone can take responsibility. Kang Seok calls Ms. Hong immediately and asks her if she ever receives the memo from the company. Ms. Hong tells him that she didn’t, but she promises she’ll search the company archives to double check. Yeon Woo helps her out, and Geun Sik finds them searching which leads him to assume that there is a problem.

suits korean drama recap

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Firing the Lawyer

Kang Seok meets with CEO Seo of Yuno Motors, who now looks down on him. This upsets Kang Seok, considering how much he had helped the company, so he argues with and insults the CEO. He then dares CEO Seo to fire him, which he does. Kang Seok goes to Ms. Kang and tells her that he is now officially fired by Yuno Motors, which on the bright side means he doesn’t have to maintain the confidentiality anymore.

Ms. Hong is persistent in finding the memo despite Yeon Woo telling her to stop because it probably doesn’t exist. Meanwhile, Director Ham goes to Kang Seok, admitting his mistake at the hospital union negotiations and apologizing for it. He tells Kang Seok that he plans to make up for it by sharing the case he’s handling with him, but Kang Seok refuses.

Yeon Woo enters Kang Seok’s office just as Director Ham is leaving, and Kang Seok eyes their interaction. Yeon Woo tells Kang Seok that they should look for Han Yoo Seok, the person who wrote the memo. He gives the document to Kang Seok and brags that he already has the address of Han Yoo Seok.

Suits korean drama recap

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Meeting the Grandma

Ji Na is understandably upset at Yeon Woo for having stood her up for dinner and making her worry. The associate goes to apologize and woo her, feeling happy and giddy at the fact that she is worried about him at the same time. He tells Ji Na that she makes them sound like a real couple, and when he leaves, Ji Na retorts that they are.

Later on, Yeon Woo goes to Ji Na’s office and picks her up after work. They go to dinner together and he introduces her to his grandma. Yeon Woo’s grandma immediately takes a liking to Ji Na and asks her how long they’ve been together.

Yeon Woo gives Ji Na a ring as they walk, but he immediately tells her that it’s not a proposal. Ji Na is touched and more than happy.

Suits korean drama recap

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Forging the Evidence

Kang Seok goes to meet Han Yoo Seok, who tells him that he did not write the report. He says he told the CEO about the faulty hydraulic hoses, but CEO Seo asks him not to make a report because he will fix it immediately anyway. He reveals that the defect was fixed immediately, but the cars that were sold aren’t recalled. He says that only him and CEO Seo know about the defect, and Kang Seok asks him if it is forged.

He finds David Kim waiting for him outside Yoo Seok’s house, and he finds out that David set him up for a trap that will make him the accused when they get to trials.

He meets with CEO Seo who seems flustered when he mentions Han Yoo Seok. He takes the steering wheel from CEO Seo out of anger, saying this must have been what the complainant felt like. He threatens CEO Seo to solve the problem immediately and walks off.

Suits korean drama recap

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Finding the Memo

Ms. Hong finds the memo, and she shakes as she sees the stamp saying that she received it. She is startled when Yeon Woo approaches her by the paper shredders, and she immediately heads off to Ji Na’s office. She tells the paralegal to look for their team dinner schedule, and Ji Na notices that there’s something off about Ms. Hong.

Kang Seok and Yeon Woo notice how flustered Ms. Hong was. She heads to the paper shredder carrying the memo, and Yeon Woo tells her that he turned off the machine. He tells her that he knows that the document she’s holding is the memo they never received. Ms. Hong finally confesses to him, and she says that she can’t tell Kang Seok about it because people might think that he tried to conceal the truth. She gets into an argument with Yeon Woo who tells her to confess to Kang Seok.

Suits korean drama recap

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Taking the Blame

Kang Seok and Yeon Woo find Geun Sik waiting for them at the office. He offers to help Kang Seok because he seems to have a problem, but the lawyer turns him down. Apparently, he left his recorder at Kang Seok’s office and he had recorded Kang Seok’s conversation with Yeon Woo. He gets hurt when he hears Kang Seok look down on him and lets Director Ham hear it. Director Ham barges in to Kang Seok’s office, followed by Ms. Kang. The director confronts him and tells him that he should set aside his hatred for him at the moment for the firm’s sake.

Ms. Kang informs Kang Seok that the charges will get dropped as long as he signs a document saying he never received the memo. Yeon Woo overhears it and stumbles into the office before he could. After Ms. Kang leaves, Yeon Woo tells Kang Seok that Ms. Hong found the memo. The lawyer sets off to find Ms. Hong and he hypothesizes that the fake memo was planted in their storage to eet things up. Ms. Hong cries and confesses that she shred the memo which angers Kang Seok.

Ms. Kang fires Ms. Hong in Kang Seok’s place and she accepts it, considering her mistake. Kang Seok chases after her and they stare at each other sadly from a distance at the lobby.

Suits korean drama recap

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Dealing with the Problem

Kang Seok drinks alone and barges into Yeon Woo’s residence. The surprised associate gives him water and tells Kang Seok that Ms. Hong knows about his identity. The lawyer tells hin that he knows she does, and former prosecutor Kim also knows. Yeon Woo asks him why he did not protect Ms. Hong, and Kang Seok tells him that because of her rash decision, she rendered him unable to do so. He also says that he will try to resolve the matter, but if all else fails, Yeon Woo should find another job.

Director Ham tells Ms. Kang that Attorney David Kim says they will turn a blind eye on the destruction of the evidence, but Kang and Ham must dismiss Kang Seok. Additionally, the disciplinary committee of the bar association will disqualify him as a lawyer in order for the firm’s reputation to be saved.

Yeon Woo meets up with the complainant Kang Yeong Ho, who tells him that the huge settlement money she was promised played a role in convincing her to file a lawsuit. Kang Seok shows up and Yeong Ho calls someone to inform them that he did come to see her like they said he would.

Kang Seok tells Ms. Kang and Director Ham that he wants to take the case to court. Director Ham refuses, saying that it will tarnish the company’s reputation. Ms. Kang tells them that they will push through with the settlement, but Attorney David Kim must clearly prove that Kang Seok made a mistake in the case.

Suits korean drama recap

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Proving the Innocence

Former prosecutor Kim lets Kang Seok hear Geun Sik’s recording of his conversation with Yeon Woo. He heads to Geun Sik’s office and grabs his collar, angrily asking if he knows what he had done.

Meanwhile, Yeon Woo meets up with Ji Na and asks her if she would still accept him if she finds out that he is full od lies. She tells him that she likes him, if that’s what he’s asking, and that goes unconditionally. Yeon Woo seems to have gotten an idea during their conversation, and he heads to the office storage. He notices a CCTV, and he takes the footage from the security. He heads to Director Ham’s office and asks to have tea with him, to which the director obliges.

The genius associate then suggests holding a mock trial to Ms. Kang, where Kang Seok could prove his innocence. It will also show how things would go if they push through with bringing the case to court. Ms. Kang tells Director Ham that she will resign if Kang Seok loses in the mock trial in order to get him to agree to it.

Director Ham requests that Geun Sik should go as the prosecutor in the mock trial, alongside Yeon Woo who requested to be the prosecutor when he suggested the mock trial. Yeon Woo also goes to Ms. Hong’s place and tries to convince her to testify at the mock trials, but she refuses right away.

Suits korean drama recap

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Facing the Enemy

During the mock trials, Geun Sik reveals why he holds a grudge against Kang Seok. It roots from their days as associates, and he points out that Kang Seok is incapable of admitting his mistakes and feeling guilt.

The former prosecutor Kim tells Director Ham about Yeon Woo’s identity after the associate tells him that he will side with the firm’s director. Yeon Woo is put in the spotlight as Geun Sik, Director Ham, and former prosecutor Kim all question his intentions.

Suits korean drama recap

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They proceed with the mock trials, and this time, Ms. Kang goes to defend Kang Seok as his lawyer. She tries to show everyone Kang Seok’s good side as she reveals that Kang Seok owns the food truck in front of the office. She says that it used to be owned by an old lady with Alzheimer’s, and one day, when the old lady disappeared, he bought it for her deaf son to help him make a livelihood.

Ms. Hong shows up to testify as a witness at the mock trial, but when Yeon Woo questions her about destroying the memo, she just insists that she refuses to testify. Yeon Woo changes his questions and asks her if she would follow Kang Seok’s orders if he tells her to hide an evidence despite it being illegal. Ms. Hong says that Kang Seok will never order her such a thing, but Yeon Woo repeats his question. He shocks everyone by asking Ms. Hong if she loves Kang Seok, which could have lead to her wanting to protect Kang Seok at any costs. Ms. Hong breaks down in tears and runs out of the courtroom. Kang Seok, who kept on telling Yeon Woo to stop, runs after her but fails to catch up. He confronts Yeon Woo in the restroom in anger. The associate tells him that he’s only following his advices from before, and he should see that Ms. Hong and Ms. Kang are doing everything to protect him.

Director Ham overhears their conversation and congratulates Yeon Woo for a job well done. He does this in front of Geun Sik, who seems upset at the praises Yeon Woo is getting from the director. The associate tells them that he will get a testimony from CEO Seo to make sure they win.

Ji Na chases after Yeon Woo and argues with him angrily over what he did to Ms. Hong and Kang Seok. However, Yeon Woo turns to leave Ji Na without saying a word.

Suits korean drama recap

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Has Yeon Woo really decided to side with Director Ham? Or is he hiding something up his sleeve in order to protect Kang Seok? Find out in the finale episodes of Suits!

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