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K-Drama Recap: “Suits” Episodes 3 & 4

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Suits brings out more wit and flair as it continues with the stories of Go Yeon Woo and Choi Kang Seok on its second week!

The legal drama’s pilot week saw the first meeting of Korea’s top corporate lawyer and a college drop-out with an amazingly photographic memory. After the latter goes on the run from authorities and is mistaken for an applicant at the former’s law firm, his life takes a turn as he gets a chance to set his life straight and to make use of his talent.

Despite all the obstacles in his way, he traverses on his road to redemption and lets his fate get decided by the choices he makes.

Here’s a rundown of highlights from episodes 3 and 4:

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Full Commitment

President Park’s son hired men to pursue Yeon Woo after they abducted and beat up Cheol Soon. They find out about his job at the law firm and follow him there. They chase him around the building and end up at the rooftop, where Yeon Woo threatens to jump to instigate them for murder if they don’t back off. Fortunately, Ji Na had called for security before Yeon Woo decides to jump, and the conglomerate’s sons hired men leave him with a threat on Cheol Soon’s life.

Kang Seok scolds Yeon Woo both for the scene he made and the fact that he still hasn’t gotten out of this mess he found himself in. He tells the rookie lawyer that it seems like he was never really fully committed to his job. Yeon Woo defends himself by admitting that he can’t fully trust Kang Seok yet. He adds that it is unfair to question his commitment to his job now because he still needs time to cut the past from his life. Kang Seok tells him to get out, which Yeon Woo obediently does.

Later on, he returns to leave his company ID at his office desk with a defeated sigh. However, before he could get out of the building, Kang Seok appears and talks sense into him. The ace lawyer’s words encourage Yeon Woo, who heads out and takes the suitcase with the drug paraphernalia from the locker where he left it.

suits recap week 2 episode 3 and 4

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Ended Friendship

Yeon Woo meets up with the hired men of President Park’s son who shows him the bloodied yet alive Cheol Soon. He shows them the briefcase and throws the remaining narcotics to the ground, threatening to burn them if they don’t release Cheol Soon. They just sneer at his bargain until Kang Seok arrives and takes his associate’s side. He tells Yeon Woo to start intimidating people like a lawyer and proceeds to threaten them with the lawsuits that they will face once the cops arrive. They end up saving Cheol Soon, and Kang Seok burns the expensive narcotics, much to the hired men’s outrage.

Instead of thanking Yeon Woo for saving him, Cheol Soon starts mocking and blaming the rookie lawyer. They end up brawling with each other, and Yeon Woo expresses his anger at his friend for the mess he put him in. Se Hee walks in and overhears that Cheol Soon makes a living by selling drugs. Yeon Woo finally decides to end his friendship with Cheol Soon before he leaves.

The rookie lawyer visits his grandmother at the hospital again, where she gives him the emotional support he needs at the moment. He confesses that he had only ended his friendship with Cheol Soon just now, despite her obvious disapproval of him all this time. She forgives him and says she understands how hard it is to end any kind of relationships, even friendships, with anyone. She tells him to say goodbye to the ones who ought to leave and welcome those who come into his life.

Subordinated Perjury

While arguing with Yeon Woo earlier, Kang Seok realizes something about the pro bono case’s litigant and goes to her house. He confronts her about the money he found being wired to her account.

suits recap week 2 episode 3 and 4

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He gives back the pro bono case to Yeon Woo and tells him to work further on it. Before the trial starts, Yeon Woo talks to both the complainant Ms. Baek and the accused Mr. Yoo. He reveals that they are aware of Mr. Yoo forcing the litigant to perjure herself and paying her for it.

Mr. Yoo arrogantly belittles Yeon Woo and calls him a newbie. However, Yeon Woo’s smarts allows him to successfully work his way through it. Mr. Yoo ends up agreeing to their terms for the lawsuit not to push through before the trial could even start. The arrogant businessman leaves, and the relieved Ms. Baek tells Yeon Woo that he sounded like a real attorney instead of just a probationary associate. She showers him with praises and even calls him Attorney Go, which makes the rookie lawyer really happy and uplifts his mood.

New Lawsuits

Kang Seok gives Yeon Woo a new case to work on, and this time, his client is Mrs. Bae of Soonhan Corporation who is a VVIP of the law firm. The topnotch lawyer tells Yeon Woo to memorize Soonhan Corporation’s proposal for building a branch in the U.S. and write up a commission contract by the next day.

suits recap episode 3 and 4

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Yeon Woo confesses that he doesn’t know how to write a commission contract and asks his senior to teach him. However, Kang Seok just tells him to figure it out on his own. The clueless rookie asks for Ji Na’s help and paralegal assistance on his new assignment. He also tells her that he wants to repay her for everything she’s done for him so far by taking her to dinner.

Ms. Kang gives Kang Seok a divorce suit she wants him to handle. The case has been attracting a lot of media attention because the couple involved is the CEO and director of a top-notch airline company. Kang and Ham handles the side of the wife, CEO Seong, while a competing law firm takes on the side of Director Nam, the husband, who insists that he does not want a divorce.

During the meeting with both parties, Kang Seok finds out that the lawyer handling the opposing side is Ju Hee, who went to college and became a prosecutor with him. He talks to her separately and tells her to not see him ever again. They argue and Ju Hee insists that she will win the case. The evident bad blood between the two is revealed to be rooting from failed past relationship with each other.

suits recap week 2 episode 3 and 4

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Meddling Troublemaker

Geun Sik finds out that Ms. Kang gave the divorce lawsuit to Kang Seok, and it upsets him even more when she tells him to show good performance in place of his whining instead. He ignores Kang Seok’s warning to not mess with Yeon Woo ever again and goes to the probationary associate to pressure him. Yeon Woo informs him that he can’t be bothered at the time because of Kang Seok’s assignment, but Geun Sik passes it on to another employee and orders him to do it instead. He insists that they go out together and intimidates him, prompting Yeon Woo to cancel his dinner with Ji Na.

The lawyer takes Yeon Woo to a club, where he orders him to get a specific client for him. Geun Sik expresses how much he wants to get the artist BewhY as his client and tells Yeon Woo to do whatever it takes to convince him, even if it means getting wasted. Yeon Woo couldn’t say no, and ends up drinking against his will despite his low alcohol tolerance.

An intoxicated Yeon Woo finds BewhY at the restroom and strikes up a conversation with him. Yeon Woo catches BewhY’s attention as he raps and sings one of the artist’s songs which didn’t get very famous. They end up drinking together like friends and in his drunken state, Yeon Woo tells him that he’s a fake lawyer.

suits recap week 2 episode 3 and 4

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Yeon Woo gets a huge hangover the next morning and runs late for work. He gets into the same elevator as him and she strikes up a conversation with the probationary associate. She doesn’t fail to point out the smell of alcohol in Yeon Woo’s breath, which makes him self-conscious.

The employee, who Geun Sik ordered to do Yeon Woo’s assignment in his place, hands over the contract to him. He expresses his thanks and runs to Kang Seok’s office to hand it in. However, Kang Seok smells the stench of alcohol too and finds the contract written awfully. He gets mad at Yeon Woo, who then realizes that the other associates do not like him.

Retiring Grandmother

Kang Seok orders Yeon Woo to visit their client Mrs. Bae and hand over the rewritten contract to her. She asks him to sit down with her for a while, and despite him seemingly rushing, he complies. Kang Seok calls him in the middle of his conversation with Mrs. Bae and tells him to go already. Mrs. Bae tells Yeon Woo that the top lawyer must really care about him because not once had Kang Seok sent someone else in his place before, nor had he cared about anyone to check up on them like this before either.

suits recap week 2 episode 3 and 4

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Later on, Mrs. Bae sends the contract back to Kang and Ham and insists on retiring. Ms. Kang informs Kang Seok and Yeon Woo about the situation, and tells them that she is fine with the contract being cancelled. However, they must stop her from retiring because it would hugely affect them as Soonhan Corporation’s sales are directly connected to the law firm’s sales.

Yeon Woo goes back to Mrs. Bae after asking Kang Seok to call over the rest of Mrs. Bae’s family to her house. Her family visits, and while Yeon Woo is trying to convince her not to retire, her grandchildren breaks a crock of pepper, much to Mrs. Bae’s horror. She tells him that she will not retire, and has decided to push through with the building of the U.S. branch.

When Yeon Woo tells Kang Seok about it, he reveals that her decision was brought by her loving her business dearly, and seeing that her children doesn’t display the same kind of passion she had for it.

suits episode 3 and 4 week 2

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Convoluted Love

During an earlier argument with Yeon Woo, Kang Seok realizes a way to make sense of the divorce case and orders his associate to collect all rumours about CEO Seong and Director Nam. As a way to make up for his mistake, he must write a play that has details about how the couple met, why they would break up, and more.

Ms. Kang meets up with CEO Seong to talk about the case, and the client states that she could never give up the airlines. Ms. Kang gives her a taste of the worst case scenario and asks CEO Seong to choose between her children and the airlines. CEO Seong hesitates, but she ends up choosing the airlines in the end.

With the help of the play Yeon Woo came up with it, he and Kang Seok reach a better understanding of the divorce lawsuit. Before the trial starts, Kang Seok reveals that Director Nam’s intention is purely to save CEO Seong and their sons from the airline company because he loves them. However, CEO Seong also wanted to do the same and she knew that they would suffer about an internal fight going on about the successor for the airlines. She wanted to free her family from it which thus prompted her to file a divorce suit as a last resort. The couple is enlightened by the situation, and Director Nam ends up crying as CEO Seong leaves.

suits recap week 2 episode 3 and 4

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New Client

Yeon Woo walks into Geun Sik’s office, and finds him in a meeting with Ms. Kang and BewhY. BewhY greets him and calls him “fake lawyer”, which raises the eyebrows of both Ms. Kang and Geun Sik. He weasels his way out and says that he is technically a fake lawyer at the moment because he’s still a probationary associate.

BewhY tells Yeon Woo that he wanted to sign with him instead of Geun Sik. However, since he’s still a probationary associate, he won’t be able to do that. BewhY confesses that he hasn’t signed the contract yet because he felt uneasy about it, and Yeon Woo tells him that his superior is Kang Seok and not Geun Sik.

Ms. Kang calls for both Kang Seok and Yeon Woo afterwards, and reveals that BewhY wants to sign with Kang Seok instead because of Yeon Woo. Kang Seok looked proud of Yeon Woo, especially when Ms. Kang said Yeon Woo came out of his shell on his own.

suits recap week 2 episode 3 and 4

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Yeon Woo goes to Geun Sik, and tells him that he does not and will not feel threatened by him anymore. Geun Sik snarkily jabs at him for being underqualified for his position, but Yeon Woo smugly shows him a video of himself passed out at the club, which embarrasses him

Failed Relationship

Kang Seok and Ju Hee go out for dinner after settling the divorce lawsuit they handled, and they talk about it and a bit of their past. Apparently, an inquisition at the prosecution about a mistake they made on one case had the panel asking him to end his relationship with Ju Hee. However, she broke up with him before he could do it.

Despite calling the night off initially, they end up kissing and spending more time together. While together in a room, Ju Hee drops the bomb on Kang Seok by telling him that she is getting married. She reveals that he was right: she took the case because she wanted to see him one last time. She tells him that when she walks out of the room, they will just be two lawyers – devoid of their past and future feelings. Kang Seok then goes to the law firm and catches a glimpse of Ms. Kang, who he looks at adoringly.

suits recap week 2 episode 3 and 4

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Developing Feelings

Yeon Woo goes to Ji Na’s office after his talk with Geun Sik but finds no one in there, prompting him to leave. Ji Na is also shown going to Yeon Woo’s desk and finding no one there. The two text each other and he asks her if she wanted him to repay her through dinner now.

During their dinner, Ji Na points out Yeon Woo’s watch. She says he must really treasure it because he still wears it even if it’s broken. The rookie lawyer reveals that the watch belonged to his dad, and the watch stopped when both of his parents passed away. He compares himself to the watch and says both of them are broken and stuck. Ji Na tries to raise his spirits by saying that if something is broken, one could just get it fixed, referring both to the watch and him. Yeon Woo only replies with a “maybe” before he gets a call from the hospital.

He rushes to the emergency room and finds an unconscious Se Hee. According to the cops, she took too many sleeping pills and someone reported that they overheard her fighting with someone. They also tell him that they went through her call log and found that she tried calling him several times.

suits recap week 2 episode 3 and 4

Screengrab from KBS

What happened to Se Hee? What lawsuits will Yeon Woo and Kang Seok handle next? Will romance be brewing soon? Find out in the next episodes of Suits!


Suits airs on KBS every Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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