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K-Drama Recap: “Suits” Episodes 7-10

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Go Yeon Woo and Choi Kang Seok get their own emotions tangled up with their work in the fourth and fifth week of Suits!

The developing action continues to bring out the different sides of both Kang and Ham’s top lawyer and his associate in the top-rating legal drama!

The past episodes had shown Yeon Woo’s weaknesses both as a person and as a rookie lawyer, but now, we get to see that Kang Seok also has his fair share of weak points and vulnerabilities despite his prestige and excellence. The duo faces the monsters of their pasts with the new cases they handle and must learn to triumph over these without letting their emotions get the best of them. However, this proves to be easier said than done as both struggle in doing so.

Here’s a rundown of highlights from episodes 7-10:

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The Aftermath

Yeon Woo forfeits from the mock trials to save Ji Na from further embarrassment despite having a bigger shot at winning. Kang seok, who’d been watching the trial from afar, gives Yeon Woo a look of disappointment as he sees him. To defend himself, Yeon Woo tells Kang Seok that hurting someone in a fake trial is pointless, but the lawyer shots back that Yeon Woo just showed to all the partners that he’s incompetent and unqualified to be part of the law firm. Yeon Woo angrily says that he holds more importance to protecting people rather than sacrificing anyone just to win. Kang Seok calls his reason a bluff and says that Yeon Woo lets his emotions get the best of him, and in that way, he won’t be able to protect anyone.

Yeon Woo retreats to his desk where he finds a note from Ji Na. He goes to look for her to apologize for being too focused on winning that he set her and what she felt aside. However, Ji Na tells him that she was at fault for being embarrassed and too worried about what others would say about her. She admits that she thought back on what Yeon Woo had said earlier – that maybe she had a lot of anger bottled up inside – which is why she took the mock trials too personally. However, she finds herself thinking that the reason why she was so angry was because she was bothered by him. She also calls him out for sharing the secret she told him with Se Hee, which he says was an accident. She later on says that they both ruined the trial by letting their emotions get the best out of them – just like what Kang Seok had told Yeon Woo. Due to this, Yeon Woo then decides that he will no longer have emotions or a lame sense of justice for work.

Because his mentee Lawyer Seo won the mock trials, Geun Sik goes to Kang Seok’s office to get his wish – which is to borrow Ms. Hong for a few days. Ms. Hong is obviously annoyed by the fact that she has to work for Geun Sik for three days AND that she’s being compromised because of a bet they made over the mock trials. She accuses Kang Seok of selling her and aggressively tells Geun Sik that she isn’t Kang Seok’s property and she doesn’t like Geun Sik’s repressive attitude towards women either.

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The Prosecutor

Kang Seok and Yeon Woo run across the top lawyer’s old friend, Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oh. The Deputy Chief Prosecutor keeps referring to Kang Seok as Prosecutor Choi, which piques the interest of the associate. He also invites Kang Seok to dinner, and Yeon Woo notices that his superior looked uncomfortable the entire time.

At the firm, Lawyer Seo asks Ji Na if she was with Yeon Woo after the trial and gets annoyed when the associate interrupts their conversation. The pompous lawyer says that he heard rumours about Yeon Woo quitting, which the probationary associate says will never happen. Yeon Woo tells Ji Na about Kang Seok being a prosecutor before and asks her to help him research about it. They look at the company website and find it strange when they find not even one mention about it. While looking up information about Kang Seok’s former stint as a prosecutor, Ji Na tells Yeon Woo to stop defending her over the mock trial incident anymore. However, he tells her that he wasn’t protecting her because he promises not to let his emotions get in the way. They later on find some information about Kang Seok’s life as a prosecutor and Yeon Woo tells Ji Na to take a screenshot of it in case he needed something to blackmail Kang Seok with.

Yeon Woo also asks Ms. Hong about Kang Seok’s stint as a prosecutor, and Ms. Hong gets quiet when he mentions Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oh’s name. She warns him not to mention anything to Kang Seok about it, and he infers that Kang Seok seems to be hiding his past for some reason.

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The Company

Ms. Kang meets with CEO Shim from Namyoung Accounting, who informs her that a director firm forged his academic qualifications and asks for the firm’s help to quietly dismiss him. Kang Seok gives this case to Yeon Woo and informs him that the company gets legal services from the law firm in exchange for doing their accounting work. He orders Yeon Woo to review the contract of Director Bang, the employee mentioned earlier who forged his academic credentials, and find a reason to get him fired.

The probationary associate realizes that he’s in the same situation as Director Bang, which worries him. Kang Seok assures him that he will not be put in the same dilemma as Director Bang, but Yeon Woo still doubts and asks what will happen if Ms. Kang finds out. Right on time, Ms. Kang enters Kang Seok’s office and hears Yeon Woo’s question. Fortunately, Kang Seok comes up with an excuse so that Ms. Kang doesn’t doubt Yeon Woo, who quickly leaves right after.

Yeon woo sets a meeting with Director Bang, who was surprised that it was a new face from the firm that he’s facing. The associate tells him that although he’s new, he has a very good memory and now, he’s ordered to find a basis for firing Director Bang.  The director does admit that he lied on his resume, but says that he has never ever caused problems at Namyoung Accounting, where he has been working at for fifteen years. Yeon Woo shows him the forged diploma under his name, but the director insists that he’s never seen it before.

Kang Seok scolds Yeon Woo for meeting with Director Bang without his permission and tells him that he’s letting his emotions get in the way again by identifying with Director Bang’s situation. He informs the top lawyer that Director Bang didn’t forget his diploma but he is still yet to find proof to support it. Kang Seok says that he’s taking over the case, but his associate informs him that Director Bang has expressed refusal to say any word to anyone without Yeon Woo around.

The Dinner

Kang Seok runs into a lady who calls him Prosecutor Choi, and later on confesses that she’s working on a case against Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oh, who is accused of illegally disposing evidences. She tells Kang Seok to have lunch with her or else, she’ll have to summon him as a witness and might even end up investigating him.

Kang Seok goes on to the dinner with Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oh, who admits to the deed but claims that he’s being set up. The deputy chief prosecutor warns Kang Seok that his name might also get tarnished, but Kang Seok just tells him to admit his wrongdoing and settle with the prosecution instead of going to trial. Although Prosecutor Oh agrees with him, he claims that the prosecution won’t be able to find evidence against him because he patched things up very well. Kang Seok says that he won’t fight against Prosecutor Oh, but he will never perjure himself in court as well.

suits korean drama recap

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Meanwhile, Yeon Woo goes to do a background check at the Namyoung Accounting building, and he notices a file about a Manager Jung who was fired for embezzlement. He gives the background check on Director Bang to Kang Seok, who was visited earlier by Ms. Hong to inform him of the prosecution’s summons for him regarding Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oh’s case.

The Falsification

Director Bang arrives and Kang Seok gives him a generous dismissal offer from Namyoung. The director refuses though, insisting that he never produced a fake diploma. Yeon Woo supports his claim and informs Kang Seok that the diploma was only sent to HR a week before. The company had also known for seven years that Director Bang was a college drop-out because they did a background check for promotion. He also tells him that a month ago, Manager Jung, who was the director’s subordinate, had been fired. Director Bang reveals that Manager Jung was blamed by CEO Shim for the money he found from paper companies under unknown names which were listed in Namyoung’s accounts. The director then realizes that he’s being fired because he knows about the secret money and runs away.

Yeon Woo finds Director Bang, who tells him that he’s quitting from the company instead of being fired. However, he will not just sit back and plans to get a lawyer to fight Namyoung instead. Yeon Woo makes him see reasonably and manages to convince him to sign the resignation papers for now as insurance. Director Bang tells Yeon Woo that he looked him up after finding out that he wasn’t getting paid by Kang and Ham, which makes the associate nervous. However, Director Bang says that he trusts him and understands that they share the same situation – which is why he holds Yeon Woo more as insurance rather than the money he’ll get from Namyoung.

Meanwhile, Lawyer Seo also finds out that Yeon Woo doesn’t seem to be getting a paycheck from the firm and tells Geun Sik. This information sends Geun Sik back on Yeon Woo’s tail, waiting to catch him commit a mistake.

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The Reason

Yeon Woo finds out that Kang Seok quit as a prosecutor because Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oh destroyed evidence, which is a wrongdoing that Kang Seok couldn’t accept. The associate reveals that he read the transcript from the last trial Kang Seok handled as a prosecutor, which is a hit-and-run incident. Kang Seok recalls that he prepared to show the CCTV footage of the hit-and-run but came across a blank video instead.

Ms. Kang tells Kang Seok that she wants him to testify against Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oh. He recalls that he was angry with himself after failing to protect his ex-girlfriend and fellow prosecutor Ju Hee at that time and learned about the deputy chief prosecutor’s betrayal. When he confronted Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oh about it, he said that he’s willing to trade his honor for political power and the title of “chief prosecutor” – which led to Kang Seok’s decision to quit instead of living with the shameful acts of someone who is called a “prosecutor”.

Although Kang Seok seems to be reluctant in testifying against Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oh, Ms. Kang promises to be his lawyer when he gets brought in for questioning, and even Ms. Hong expresses her support for Kang Seok.

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The Interrogation

During the interrogation, Kang Seok answers Prosecutor Ahn’s queries, with the help of Ms. Kang, about his personal relationship with Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oh and his sudden resignation from the prosecution. The prosecutor then asks if he was aware of an ex-congressman asking Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oh to acquit his son from a hit-and-run case ten years ago, to which the prosecutor responded to by destroying the evidence in the form of the CCTV footage. Prosecutor Ahn tells Kang Seok to cooperate with the investigation if he doesn’t want to get dragged down by Prosecutor Oh’s wrongdoings. She leaves him with two choices after he continues to refuse to testify, which is to either protect Prosecutor Oh who used him and take the fall for the case or bring out the truth by testifying and give justice.

Kang Seok starts looking through the old files in his office in case he gets indicted, which Yeon Woo and Ms. Hong witness. They both insist that he’s innocent, but Kang Seok still refuses to testify. Yeon Woo then insists to give him a hand, and Kang Seok eventually takes it up and says he’s looking for any mistake he might have made. Yeon Woo tells him that’s like putting a gun to his own head, which brings Kang Seok to a realization that sends him running off to meet with Prosecutor Oh.

Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oh tries to turn the situation around and makes it seem like he fabricated evidence for Kang Seok’s sake. Kang Seok doesn’t take any of it and the guilty prosecutor asks if his former mentee is now threatening to testify against him. Kang Seok just tells him that he’s giving him a way to stay out of prison by resigning, but Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oh just refuses.

The Deceit

Yeon Woo gets even more in-depth with his investigation on Namyoung Accounting and CEO Shim. He finds something fishy about the accounting company through the employees’ payrolls, which led to a meeting between Ms. Kang and CEO Shim. The CEO admits that the company struggled to pay their employees sometimes so she made some paper companies by using her friends’ names and produced a different pay structure.

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Ms. Kang tells Kang Seok that he has to sacrifice Yeon Woo, and he gets angry at his associate for not keeping his investigation on Namyoung confidential. However, Yeon Woo insists that he did so and says that he has information he wants to reveal first in case they decide to fire him.

They meet with Ms. Kang and Geun Sik, who are furious at Yeon Woo for siding against their own client. Yeon Woo tells them about all the companies that CEO Shim had been using to embezzle money from Namyoung’s client, which included Kang and Ham. This shocks Ms. Kang, especially when the associate reveals that out of all the companies, it was the firm that CEO Shim had stolen the most money from. She angrily vows to return what CEO Shim had stolen from them and orders Geun Sik to check with their finance team who might have been bribed by the CEO. She tells him to fire anyone involved with CEO Shim’s trickery and tells Yeon Woo that he won’t be fired. However, she tells him that he will be put on standby until she appoints him again because he still did a background check on his own client.

Ms. Kang and Kang Seok call CEO Shim for a meeting, where they had Yeon Woo lay out the facts he found about the embezzlement before her. She tries to weasel her way out and give reasons, but Ms. Kang tells her that they already know what they did. When she asks them if they have evidence, they invite the former Director Bang in and inform CEO Shim that Kang and Ham had hired him as a consultant to help them in the case they’re filing against CEO Shim.

The Records

Ms. Hong goes to Ms. Kang out of concern for Kang Seok and informs her that she had personally witnessed Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oh tampering with evidence and had collected records and evidence of all the times he did so. She gives them to Ms. Kang and worriedly says that she promised the top lawyer that she wouldn’t stab him in the back. However, after hearing that Prosecutor Oh denied the charges against him and transferred all the blame to Kang Seok, she couldn’t just sit back and let the lawyer get dragged down.

Ms. Kang finds Prosecutor Oh and hands him copies of the evidence she gathered from Ms. Hong. She orders him to acknowledge the charges made to him and resign within thirty minutes, or else she’ll turn over the evidence she has to the prosecution. She also threatens him to stay away from Kang Seok and never mess with him again, or else she’ll release the evidence she has to the entire world.

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Ms. Kang later on informs Kang Seok that he doesn’t need to testify anymore because Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oh had already stepped down. Although she doesn’t admit it, Kang Seok knew that it was her doing and tells her that the reason why he couldn’t testify was because he was unsure of himself either.

The Mistake

After Yeon Woo faces an infuriated Geun Sik who snarls at the associate after upstaging him with CEO Shim’s case, he heads to Kang Seok’s home to ask why he chose him. Besides that, he also hands his superior a file from a murder case he handled twelve years ago, wondering if it was the mistake the former prosecutor was referring to.

After reading all of the 147 cases that Kang Seok had handled and finding no errors, Yeon Woo reveals that he looked at the evidence lists that Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oh was in charge of and found something suspicious in the first case Kang Seok handled. It was a love letter written from the victim to the convicted suspect, Jang Seok Hyun, who claimed to be the victim’s boyfriend. However, because he couldn’t present evidence to back his claim, he was sent to prison for murder. Kang Seok gets upset after realizing that not only had Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oh been messing with him from the very start, but he might have also sent a possibly innocent person to jail. Yeon Woo tells him that Jang’s fifteen-year sentence is due to end in three years.

The Victim

Kang Seok visits Jang Seok Hyun in prison, who gets angry the moment he sees the former prosecutor who put him in jail, and is now claiming to believe his statements 12 years ago about his innocence.

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The prestigious lawyer says he plans to request a retrial and serve as Seok Hyun’s defense attorney to right his wrong during his prosecutor days, to which Ms. Kang originally disapproved of. She tells him that it would be bad for both him and the firm if Seok Hyun is found to be innocent, but Kang Seok expresses his desire to make things right no matter what, even if it entails giving up his senior partner position if ever.

Yeon Woo finds out that Seok Hyun had a record of selling drugs, which was a big factor why people assumed it was him who killed his girlfriend Min Joo. Meanwhile, Geun Sik informs Ms. Kang that he and all the other senior partners had agreed that it’s a bad idea for Kang Seok to fight the prosecution. However, Ms. Kang tells him that it’s him who’s putting the firm in a bad light by stirring conflict from the inside.

Kang Seok visits Seok Hyun again who asks angrily if his love letter to Min Joo just appeared out of nowhere and the lawyer tells him that someone got rid of it twelve years ago. He recalls the names Han Sun Tae and Kim Jin Gyu who both stood as witnesses against him. However, Seok Hyun attacks Kang Seok in anger as he suggests a retrial, and screams that he’d rather serve his sentence instead, and gets revenge on everyone once he gets out.

The Advice

Yeon Woo goes to Ji Na with huge law books and asks if she wants to study with him. He also gives the paralegal a stuffed bunny wearing a red bow tie which he says he won in a crane game. When he sees that she already has an identical stuffed bunny with a blue bow tie, he bolts right away and almost knocks into Ms. Hong in the hallways.

Ms. Hong asks Ji Na if Yeon Woo had already asked her out, but Ji Na tells her that it was she who had confessed her feelings to Yeon Woo instead of the other way around. Ms. Hong then warns Ji Na that dating within the firm is hard to start and hard to maintain as well. She clarifies that it’s not Ji Na she’s worried about though, but Yeon Woo.

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Geun Sik spots Ji Na thinking about Ms. Hong’s advice and pesters her with questions about Yeon Woo. This annoys her and brings her to ask Geun Sik why he’s so interested in Yeon Woo, to which his only reason was because he hates him for taking the people who used to be on his side. She relays this information to Yeon Woo, which puts the associate on guard.

The Accident

Kang Seok takes Yeon Woo to meet with a woman and her son, Joon Gyu.  Joon Gyu tells them that he thinks he hit someone with his car on the way home from his birthday party at a club. However, his car’s black box wasn’t working and he wasn’t sure if he really did hit a person because it was so dark. Yeon Woo asks if he had been drinking, which Joon Gyu denies.

Kang Seok pulls Yeon Woo aside to scold him for the way he questions Joon Gyu. The associate says that they need to know all the facts in order to defend Joon Gyu, but he also admits that he got emotional. Kang Seok acknowledges that it was wrong of him to bring Yeon Woo knowing that his parents died because of hit-and-run, and tells him to step out of the case if he wants to. Yeon Woo, however, declines and tells him that he will continue handling the case.

Yeon Woo investigates about the accident and finds the victim as a student named Park Sung Hwa. He was brought into the hospital with fractures and a concussion, and Joon Gyu says that he called 119. Kang Seok tells him that they would be able to handle it if he turns himself in voluntarily to avoid being accused of leaving the scene. Joon Gyu does so, despite his mother’s protests, and tells Yeon Woo that he’s both afraid of going to jail and ashamed of what happened.

The Retribution

Yeon Woo goes to talk to Seok Hyun, who assumes Kang Seok sent him and refuses to cooperate initially because of his grudge. The associate manages to convince him to a retrial by telling him to do it for Min Joo instead, who was murdered and had the man she loves go to prison despite being innocent. Kang Seok is overjoyed when he hears both about this and the court granting permission for the retrial.

suits korean drama recap

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Yeon Woo reviews the original eyewitness accounts from Sun Tae and Jin Gyu, who were both apparently from good families and had known Min Joo ever since they were children. A bag of marijuana with blood was also found at the scene, which drew suspicion to Seok Hyun. However, there was no trace of drugs on Min Joo’s body. Both the lawyer and the associate think that it was left there by the real killer for people to suspect Seok Hyun. The blood on the bag didn’t belong to Min Joo or Seok Hyun, but this evidence was basically ignored during the trial. Kang Seok recalls that neither Sun Tae nor Jin Gyu had evidences pointing out to them using drugs at that time, but five years after, Sun Tae was eventually arrested for using marijuana.

Kang Seok finds out that the prosecutor for the retrial will be Prosecutor Heo, who probably thinks that Kang Seok backstabbed Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oh. He decides to find Prosecutor Heo’s weakness which they can use in the future just in case.

The Settlement

Kang Seok tells Yeon Woo that he will handle Seok Hyun’s case himself, and the associate should go and discuss an agreement with the hit-and-run victim’s family. Yeon Woo is reminded of his parents’ funeral which he witnessed when he was younger, and he gets a hard time trying not to let his emotions get in the way of his work.

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While investigating the place where the hit-and-run occurred, Yeon Woo realizes that the victim was a graffiti artist, which meant he usually worked at night and wore black to avoid being seen. Kang Seok comes to a conclusion that Sung Hwa was making a quick getaway to avoid being discovered when Joon Gyu hit him.  He tells Yeon Woo to relay the information to Prosecutor Kim, but the latter was reluctant to do so. The lawyer challenges his associate to handle the case alone to prove that he can survive even without Kang Seok. The prosecutor then tells him that if he settles with Sung Hwa’s family, then she will give probation to Joon Gyu  instead. She advises him to work fast because once her chief prosecutor finds out that the case is handled by Kang Seok, Joon Gyu will go to jail and get the maximum sentence.

When Yeon Woo says that they will probably have to pay for the favor Prosecutor Kim will give them, he realizes that she wants to win the case to get a job at Kang and Ham. Kang Seok tells him to make a deal with Sung Hwa’s family right away and that he will worry about hiring Prosecutor Kim after. Yeon Woo expresses his sentiments as he recalls his own parents’ funerals and identifies with the victim’s family, but he insists that he wants to finish the case properly.

The Secret

Yeon Woo finds out that the victim is Chinese whose family only went to Korea to make a living. He got into a Korean university and graduated with the help of student loans, but had since been unlucky in finding a job. The victim’s sister tells Yeon Woo that they are aware of how the victim got into the accident and would rather settle than take things to court. They inform him that they only need settlement money of 50,000 dollars to pay off the victim’s student loans, but Yeon Woo asks them to make it 500,000 dollars instead.

suits korean drama recap

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However, he finds out later on that Park Joon Gyu takes drugs to combat his depression, and on the day of the accident, he was high on the drug ketamine. Yeon Woo is angered that he didn’t tell them and goes to the prosecutor to follow through with the indictment. The court decides to give Joon Gyu one year in prison and two years of probation, but Yeon Woo is still unsatisfied. He tells Prosecutor Kim that he doesn’t feel like it’s right, but she tells him that he can’t always get his way – especially not by breaking the confidentiality agreement between him and his own client.

Later on, he meets with the lawyer who talked to his grandmother during his parents’ funeral years ago. He gets upset when the lawyer tells him that he does not remember his parents because there are many cases like that and walks out.

The Enemy

An annoyed Prosecutor Heo meets with them, and they immediately start off on the wrong foot as Kang Seok and Yeon Woo came in late. Their threats of asking retrials regarding some of the cases Prosecutor Heo had handled only adds to his annoyance, and he refuses to listen to Kang Seok whom everyone considers as a backstabber.

suits korean drama recap

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Kang Seok finds out that Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oh threatened Detective Park, the detective in charge of the case at that time to destroy the evidence. During the trial, Kang Seok’s credibility gets questioned more and more because of the fact that he’s digging up a case that he handled as a prosecutor fifteen years ago.

The esteemed lawyer must find a way to turn the case around, and he tries to convince Detective Park to help him out. He resorts to obtaining the DNA specimens of Sun Tae and Jin Gyu illegally, and Sun Tae’s matched the DNA of the one found on the bag. However, Prosecutor Heo doesn’t bat an eye and told him that it can’t be accepted as evidence in court. Kang Seok gets an idea when Prosecutor Heo tells him that a way to change things is to get a witness who will point out Sun Tae as the murderer.

Sun Tae finds out that Jin Gyu met with Detective Park, who told him that it was only Sun Tae’s DNA found on the bag, and the former threatens him to keep his mouth shut. Jin Gyu is shaken with fear, and he runs into Detective Park, Kang Seok, and Yeon Woo outside the club where they were drinking at. They manage to convince him that Sun Tae is capable of hurting and killing him the way he did with Min Joo. They tell him to confess instead in order to get a lower sentence for abetting a murder, and after a few hesitations, he admits to the three that he witnessed the crime himself.

suits korean drama recap

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Will Kang Seok win this case and finally be able to make things right? Will he manage to save his reputation and clear his name? Find out in the next episodes of Suits!

Suits airs on KBS every Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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