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‘Sweet Sixteen’ Drops Poster Featuring Joowon, Kris and Hangeng

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Did anyone expect to see the three of them in the same frame?


The Chinese romance film titled Sweet Sixteen will star Kris, Hangeng and Korean actor Joowon, The movie will hit cinemas in China starting on April 29. Ahead of its release, the theatrical posters are revealed to the public. The posters feature all the main casts, including the aforementioned trio and Lu Shan, Zhang Yao and Bao Bei Er.


Korean actor Sung Yoo Bin will also act as the younger Xia Mu, which is played by Kris. Sung Yoo Bin was the actor who played the younger Jang Jae Yeol in the Korean drama series ‘It’s Okay, It’s Love’.

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