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K-Drama Recap: “Switch Change The World” Episodes 21-24

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Choices and deductions sum up the thrilling sixth week of Switch Change The World.

The movements of the characters during the sixth week of Switch Change The World left us on the verge of our seats for the most part of its run.

As if it was not enough to be worried on the fate of the heroes, the dying minutes of this week’s chapter broke our hearts big time.

Switch Change The World has never played favorites on the outsmarting game between the heroes and villains. The turning of tables and mind tricks power the engaging core of the narrative.

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Switch Change the world

Switch Change The World Episodes 21-24 Highlights

Ticking Time

Jun Soo explains to Ha Ra that he has to pawn himself to turn the table around after Tae Woong’s bold move to pin the bribery case with his name. Ha Ra thanks him for clearing the misunderstanding, but he suddenly stops from his track and clutches his heart in pain.

Do Chan and Ha Ra finally learn about Jun Soo’s heart problem, resulting the latter to vow putting Tae Woong in trial for causing her senior’s accident.

Over at the baddies’ lair, Tae Woong flares up on how Do Chan outsmarted him. He orders Secretary Kim to bring Jun Soo over to do a loyalty check so Do Chan is forced to pose as a prosecutor again. He escapes Tae Woong’s scrutiny by showing an evidence that he was also bugged. To make up for not being able to protect the club’s Presidential candidate, he receives a mission of a targeted investigation towards Director Choi.

Switch Change the world

Prosecutor Do Chan

Do Chan returns to the office in a chirpy spirit, delighting the team who are baffled in his recent stoic demeanor. The team members tease Ha Ra and Do Chan about their recent fight not knowing about the ploy Jun Soo designed.

Ha Ra earns the ire of the senior prosecutors for bringing out the truth on the former district prosecutor. Chief Yang is briefed by Ha Ra about Jun Soo’s motive to get closer with Tae Woong, but is unaware that the real Jun Soo is recovering his health. Chief Yang apologizes on how he complimented Do Chan’s wit and disposition last time so the latter coaxes to hear more about it not minding the warning glare of Ha Ra.

Switch Change the world

The Core of Namsan Club

Do Chan assures Ha Ra that he has everything in his brain when he meets Namsan club members in the evening. Tae Woong announces dropping DP Jung. Do Chan learns about the money movement happening in K Savings Bank involving Namsan Club founder Director Choi. Do Chan surmises on the movements being pulled by former allies Tae Woong and Director Choi. When DP Jung’s lawyer relays a message about discovering the scam Tae Woong pulled involving the terracotta army statues, the villain responds by sending a gift to him. A few days later, DP Jung is found dead for supposed suicide.

The prosecutors’ team convene to discuss how they will attack their malevolent opponent as they conclude how the convoluted mind of the villain easily disposes people hindering his goals.

Switch Change the world

The devil and deep blue sea

Tae Woong assumes the chief position of K Savings Bank. He briefs Secretary Kim to continue looking for Sa Do Chan and Sung Doo. The latter has been stealing items to support his gambling addiction. Upon learning that his ex-son-in-law assumed the highest position in his bank, Director Choi decides to meet Jun Soo. He offers his reputation by admitting how he ordered to amass the reported embezzled money by the bank CEO, who was murdered under Tae Woong’s order.

Director Choi explains that the 100 million won he was raising was intended for an all natural gas investment in Turkmenistan that would spawn billions of profits. He proposes giving ample money once the money is retrieved. Secretary Kim who secretly trails Do Chan reports to Tae Woong about the meeting, and is advised to inform the prosecutor to meet Tae Woong.

Switch Change the world

Loyalty Test

Tae Woong tells his secretary to hit the prosecutor once he fails the loyalty test which they are set to stage. The villain casually mutters about how he wants to treat him with good food. Do Chan responds how he usually eats at the office cafeteria. Tae Woong motions to hint the signal to Secretary Kim, but Do Chan replies that he ate lunch with Director Kim at a Japanese restaurant.

Do Chan discloses the proposal he received from the former prime minister to join forces with him in getting rid of Tae Woong. He further weaves a convincing trust-me pitch to Tae Woong that he will be by his side until they catch Do Chan. Do Chan does so by revealing his win-win plan to support Director Choi with his business project, and prosecute him in the end for the illegal venture.

Switch Change the world

5 stages of a con

Do Chan suggests to Ha Ra how they can get Tae Woong utilizing the Turkmenistan deal. They briefly chat about the smooth talker kettlecorn ajussi which piques Do Chan’s interest. The team goes to Ha Ra’s mom’s restaurant for a team dinner.

Do Chan cheerfully introduces himself to Ha Ra’s mom, and uses the same sweet talking technique which his father said to get closer to her. Ha Ra’s mom who is disarmed for hearing she looks like Audrey Hepburn happily declares to his daughter how he likes Jun Soo as the team settles to eat out. The two go out to the market to meet Sa Ma Chun, but a stranger is there, informing them that the spot was already sold to him.

Sa Ma Chun meets with Viktor Jang to discuss the progress of their ploy to take down Tae Woong by using Director Choi as a bait. It turns out that the famous businessman was once saved by Do Chan’s father so he is helping to carry out the latter’s revenge plan.

The prosecutors’ team investigates Viktor Jang who appears too clean for a businessman. Do Chan refutes it citing how the scenario is hitting all the five bullet points of setting up a con. The team comprehends the big picture which Do Chan deduced.

However they hit a road block since the con cannot be considered a crime if it is not completed, hence it will be impossible to prosecute him. But Do Chan saves the day by checking if the businessman has a dual citizenship to determine if he has used his other passport to lay the ground of the con he is trying to pull off.

Switch Change the world

Sa Ma Chun

Do Chan and Team Switch suit up for a con stage by publishing the profitable investment of the deal through media. The bait is cast to target Director Choi and Tae Woong, who react to the expected response. Next up, Do Chan meets Viktor Jang to corner him with the grand con he is scheming. Do Chan threatens to prosecute him when Sa Ma Chun who is in the same room shows himself, much to the surprise of Do Chan, who sees his father whom he thought to be dead for years.

Ma Chun introduces himself as the famed con artist who was presumed dead, and recruits Do Chan to be a player of the huge con plan that they are trying to execute.

Switch Change the world

Operation Geum Tae Woong

Do Chan lays his plan to catch Tae Woong through the bait they cast by citing how the villain will gather his money all in one spot for the big investment he needs to raise for the natural gas deal, hence they can trace all those illegal money activities.

Tae Woong summons Do Chan to his office, paranoid about his brewing suspicion that Do Chan might be the person he was with during the incident with Faberge egg. But Do Chan has had it all figured out, and made Jun Soo call Tae Woong’s office at the right moment to escape the sticky situation.

Tae Woong, who is still skeptic about Do Chan and Jun Soo, meets a voice analysis expert and arrives at the swindling conclusion he got entangled to. He sees red upon realizing he was played on by the two doppelgangers.

Switch Change the world


Tae Woong orders Do Chan (posing as Jun Soo) to set up a meeting with Viktor Jang so he can invest in the Turkmenistan deal. The prosecutor brings Viktor to the office. The businessman lays his terms of impossible 200 million investment in unregistered bond. Tae Woong agrees to both conditions, and alerts Secretary Kim that Do Chan is posing again as Baek Jun Soo.

Do Chan meets Ma Chun to report about the deal as the latter is unaware that his son is in front of him. The prosecutor’s team convenes to plan how to catch Tae Woong when he pools in his secret funds to raise 200 million dollars for the investment. Team Switch and Team Prosecutor work together to track the movement of Tae Woong’s money. Ha Ra contemplates on Do Chan’s change of perspective about Viktor, whom he initially assessed to be a con man.

Do Chan shares with Ha Ra how he hates Children’s day when he was young since that was also the day when he learned that his father died. Ma Chun meets Director Choi to reveal the truth and crime which his son-in-law committed for his ambition.

Switch Change the world

The 200 million trap

Ha Ra orders ajumma detective to trail Do Chan, and sees a picture of him with Ma Chun. The two meet at the park after Ma Chun visits Director Choi to reveal that his son-in-law is the real murderer of his daughter.

They sit in a park when Ma Chun notices Do Chan staring at his fake hand. He cheerfully boasts that he has one strong hand that can protect him. The father-and-son sit quietly beside each other unable to bring up their situation, opting to find the best time to make up for the years they were not together.

Tae Woong calls Do Chan to be on contract signing as the prosecutors’ team preps up for the busting operation to catch the villain.

At the last minute, it dawns on Ha Ra how Tae Woong’s assets were liquidated but there is no trace of his supposed buying of unregistered bonds. They head to check it further and alerts Do Chan of the scenario. Meanwhile Team Switch is almost trapped by Sung Doo and his men, who is taken back by Tae Woong when he begged to be taken in again.

Do Chan and Viktor are already in the venue but Tae Woong announces the change of location for the contract signing that made Do Chan leery about it. They proceed to the location, and before signing the contract, Tae Woong pops a champagne signaling his gangsters to come out from hiding. His minions surround Do Chan and Viktor as Tae Woong reverses the switch meant for him. He maniacally laughs and tells them that he already knows the con they are setting up.

Do Chan brawls with Tae Woong’s men, and is pushed down to the ground, leaving him helpless to escape the fiend’s evil claws. But his father arrives with a big tractor to shield him from the baddies. Ma Chun takes all the blows meant for him as Do Chan screams frantically on the tractor shield which his dad used to cover him.

Tae Woong confirms Ma Chun orchestrated the big con and mercilessly uses his neck tie to strangle him. The police arrives, but it is too late for the father and son who just reunited after 20 years. Ma Chun tells his son to not take his footsteps, and to live an average happy life before taking his last breath.

Switch Change the world

We are a bit traumatized by the aftereffects of these episodes from Switch Change The World.

We can’t help but applaud the actor playing the villain at the same time.

As we proceed nearer to the end game, the stakes are even more higher than ever. With a wounded hero, it will take a perfect con to allow goodness to prevail.


Don’t miss the last two episodes of Switch Change The World on SBS every Wednesday and Thursday.

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