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K-Drama Recap: “Switch Change The World” Episodes 13-20

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The smartest wins in week 4 and 5 of Switch Change The World!

The mood, the heist, and the uncovering of back stories perk up the viewers as Switch Change the World continues its upbeat tone and clever narration.

The drama has been unraveling pieces of information solidifying the connection of the heroes and villains while raising expectations on how the outsmarting game will be exchanged.

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Switch change the world

Switch Change The World Episodes 13 – 16 Highlights

The confrontation

After losing the informer, Ha Ra confronts Do Chan about his intention in finding “brown bear”. The latter won’t budge and dares her to play who will get to catch the villain first.

20 Years Ago

A quick flashback of young Do Chan and his father proves Do Chan’s lies about him not being in the house he visited with Ha Ra. The two are back to investigate brown bear’s mutt who insists on claiming he is the real “brown bear”.

Switch change the world

District Prosecutor

Pressured by Director Choi, DP Jung bypasses Do Chan and Ha Ra’s investigation by calling for a press conference to reveal the initial investigation result.

Ha Ra’s Task To Team Switch

Ha Ra meets Do Chan’s team to order them to get files from Hwang’s house. Do Chan contemplates about his father’s death as he tries to link the clues he remembered about the incident. Team Switch sneaks in to Hwang’s house posing as government health workers. They successfully retrieve some docs from the fiend’s computer and delivers it to Ha Ra per Do Chan’s instruction, who is aware that his team was tasked to be on a double agent role.

Tracks well covered

Do Chan researches with Bong ajussi in trying to decipher the missing links about his father’s case. Ha Ra is impressed on the clean money laundering of the culprit. The next day, she completes an artwork of her face and visits Tae Woong to sell it. She hints that she is aware of the system they have been using for their illegal activities.

Switch change the world

Do Chan’s Plan Revealed

Chief Go inadvertently lets Ha Ra know about the case he checked on about Tae Woong – which is a favor Do Chan requested. She retrieves the case notes and discusses it with Jun Soo, who thinks “brown bear” and Tae Woong might be the same person they are looking for.

Tae Woong’s Secret

Director Choi goes to a temple for her dead daughter’s memorial service. Team Switch follows them behind through Bong ajussi’s lead. Kettle corn ajussi aka Do Chan’s father is also in the vicinity surveying the situation.

Director Choi tells Tae Woong that it will be the last time he will let go of his daughter’s misfortune, and a flashback of the latter’s memories reveals that he actually killed Choi Min Ah, his wife, and pinned it on Do Chan’s father.

Switch change the world


Jun Soo stands on a roadside cliff ruminating about what has happened to his life recently. Do Chan’s father is also on a pensive mood as he reveals his prosthetic hand, and how he intends to make the people pay for what was done to him. Do Chan also figures out the final piece of the puzzle relating to Tae Woong. Do Chan corners Tae Woong’s left hand, Sung Doo, using Bong ajussi as a bait. Do Chan introduces himself and cuts a deal with him to cooperate in taking down Tae Woong, sealing it with a recorded video of his promise to follow his lead.

Money flow

Through Sung Doo, Team Switch acquires valuable information on where the villain’s money flow is going. Do Chan orders Jun Soo to play double agent, and gives him Bong ajussi’s information to gain Tae Woong’s trust. The latter commands to know the man’s relationship with Jun Soo.

Switch change the world

Namsan Club Change of Color

Director Choi is kicked out of the club unaware that Tae Woong has gained the support of the members by bribes and threats. Ha Ra and Do Chan lead a secret check on the suspicious death of a bank CEO, who was killed by Tae Woong to secure 100 million worth of slush fund he used for bribing. Tae Woong learns about the two’s digging activities so he chides District Prosecutor for still not kicking out his pesky juniors.

Doctor Do Chan

An employee from K Savings outcall to tip the truth about the dead CEO’s money embezzlement, but chickens out at the last minute. Do Chan loosens his tie from the frustrations of attending the meeting of inefficient prosecutors, and heads to meet his team to set up a con. Through the information from the finance manager of K Savings bank, Do Chan suits up for a doctor gown to execute a casual romantic meeting.

Doctor Do Chan blabs about how keeping secrets induces high level of stress. He advises her to reveal her thoughts to alleviate her woes. In time, Do Chan succeeds with his coaxing, and he is invited by the woman for a dinner. But he is still unable to get the information he needs. Instead, he is given a kimchi package by the finance manager.

Switch change the world

Dose of Sa Do Chan’s medicine

Wily Tae Woong outwits Do Chan who is framed for bribery. Unbeknownst to him, the kimchi package gifted by the woman from K-Savings bank turns out to be money. The media feasts on the news, and he is dismissed by District Prosecutor pending for review.

Switch change the world

The change in Baek Jun Soo

Jun Soo lectures the team after the unfortunate event that tainted his name. Ha Ra tries to act on Do Chan’s defense, but the former snaps at her excuses. He suddenly stands surprising all of them, who thought he is still gaining strength and declares getting back his position. He blames Do Chan for everything, and tells him to get out of his sight.

Jun Soo pays a visit to Tae Woong, who is surprised on seeing the man he thought he caused trouble with. Jun Soo goes straight to the point in telling his going to sell a man, but the gallery owner responds he only buys artworks. Jun Soo piques his interest when he mentioned selling an impostor pretending to be him. Tae Woong’s face becomes serious when Jun Soo mutters Sa Do Chan’s name.

Switch change the world

Switch Change The World Episodes 17-20 Highlights

The Sell out

After the bribery case pinned against him, Jun Soo resorts to cut a deal with Tae Woong selling out the hideout. But Do Chan foresees the danger and escapes before the villains arrive.

Do Chan alerts Ha Ra of the situation as Team Switch settles on their new hub.

Switch Change the world

Prosecutor Baek Jun Soo

Tae Woong moves to clear Jun Soo’s name as Ha Ra chides him for selling out Do Chan and his team. He meets the prosecutor team, who senses something odd about his stoic mood.

Ha Ra reports to Chief Yang after figuring out that the common variable in all their busted operations is District Prosecutor. Under her team leader’s order, she proceeds with the investigation on the shady group backing up the drug smuggling operation.

Switch Change the world

Divided Villains, Divided Heroes

Director Choi advises the only left loyal man of his to stay at Namsan Club, while Tae Woong proceeds with the next move on buying out shares of the bank through the members of the club.

Ha Ra and Jun Soo make a thorough investigation separately advising their assistants to keep the probing information secret from each other.

Ha Ra waits for Do Chan at a park, but gets surprised when Jun Soo approaches. It turns out that Do Chan is impersonating Jun Soo to test her loyalty. She feeds him on the connection of District Prosecutor to Namsan club, and asks help from him to figure out the reason for DP Jung’s frequent visits at Tae Woong’s gallery.

Switch Change the world

The District Prosecutor

Jun Soo meets the leader of the ruling political party, who is miffed on the former’s digging activities on his family. Jun Soo enumerates all his evildoing, eventually cornering him to submit to his request of resigning in the national assembly.

Chief Yang reminds Ha Ra to speed up her investigation because it will be too hard to investigate DP Jung once he gets a position in the national assembly.

Operation Feel Gallery

Do Chan and his team start working on their con stage. The members introduce a pricey bejeweled egg, and do some video production for the caper activity. They secure the floor plan of the building but is challenged by the efficient security system. The trio go onsite to snap some photos for the research as Do Chan analyzes how they will break out.

Switch Change the world

The Faberge Egg Exhibit

DP Jung walks to the gallery late at night, and beams like a psycho when he sees a band of statues inside a room. He maniacally speaks with the sculptures calling them his babies.

Tae Woong peers at the pricey egg to be exhibited as spectators swarm the spot of the prized egg. His proud moment fails to linger as Do Chan sends a message through a warning-mercial meant for the villain, who alarmed his prosecutor cronies on Do Chan’s cheeky taunt of their upcoming burglary.

Jun Soo’s Second Condition

Ha Ra appeals one last time to Jun Soo on his risky connivance with the baddies but to no avail. He promises to catch Do Chan as she leaves him a question if his true self is what he is showing at the moment. Jun Soo stops on his tracks as we see him negotiating Ha Ra’s safety when he made the deal with Tae Woong.

Do Chan’s D-DAY

Tae Woong personally personally checks the last-minute preparation for the Faberge egg showcase, and assures the audience who just arrived that there’s nothing to worry about the ad prank that went viral.

As smoke envelops the egg, Tae Woong stops when a movement in the glass case that happens with the smoke fading. On cue, Do Chan gets up to lead his team for a showdown.

Trapping Sa Do Chan

Jun Soo rushes to the gallery when he sees the news to advise Tae Woong that the police have been alerted. Upset on the humiliation, he tells Jun Soo to hand Do Chan to him.

Ha Ra joins the scene as Team Switch drives to a location inside a van. Secretary Kim announces an approaching vehicle as the police squad positions for the trap. But a meek-looking driver emerges from the vehicle, muttering he is just here only to deliver lobsters.

Switch Change the world

Big Store

Team Switch reaches a vantage point for the big store they plan to pull a heist on. DP Jung formally resigns to go to the national assembly. Tae Woong introduces Jun Soo to the elite members of Namsan Club, who were ordered by their leader to provide support for their presidential candidate.

DP Jung invites the media for a fake showoff of his happy family life not knowing that he is actually Do Chan’s target. Team Switch uses the Faberge egg exhibit as a diversion, but was actually targeting the national leader aspirant. They push a viral news about his beloved terracota army collection to which he denies, but they set it on fire alarming him. The media follows behind and feast on his lies and corruption.

Secretary Kim reports the incident, and we look back to how the Faberge egg mishap made DP Jung to transport his beloved collection back to his house. Tae Woong also learns of Sung Doo’s recent trip at the gallery to retrieve the floor plan so he orders to get him right away, but the doublecrosser already left his office.

Switch Change the world

Two Fathers

Do Chan’s father meets his lackey, who questions why he refuses to reveal himself to his son. It is also unveiled how he rescued his son when he was kidnapped by the villains.

Tae Woong who reckons his past memory reveals his connection with Sung Doo, who is the son of his hometown friend. It is hinted that he is probably the latter’s father, who can’t bring up his connection because Sung Doo blames his father for the death of his mother.

Bong ajussi

Do Chan spots Bong ajussi mulling over something. The latter mumbles at how he is worried about what happened six years ago. We get a glimpse of how Do Chan sacrificed his chance to become a prosecutor to save him. Do Chan appeases his heavy heart by letting go of the past incident since we have had fun since then.

Switch Change the world

Terracotta Warriors

DP Jung is brought in to the prosecutors’ office for questioning. His lawyer presents receipts that the statues are replicas as the result of the analysis from Culturage Heritage Administration also arrives.

Jun Soo reads the result that affirms the collection is indeed a replica, shocking DP Jung who hurries to leave the room to check why his precious possession is deemed fake.

But Ha Ra appears for a second round of questioning.

Switch Change the world

Incheon Incident

Six years ago, DP Jung seeks help from Tae Woong to dispatch the dead body of a smuggler whom DP Jung killed. The smuggler is Bong ajussi’s friend and he stumbles on the incident so he ran for his life eventually making the call to Do Chan who was about to take the prosecutor exam to save him.

Ha Ra uncovers DP Jung’s murder case through the blood analysis of the deceased and the blood found in one of the statues eventually getting him to admit to his sins. Team Switch celebrates on their victorious feat as Bong ajussi heaves a sigh of relief in finally getting the justice for his dead friend.

Switch Change the world

Tae Woong’s fury

As problem piles up at the villains’ camp, Tae Woong deduces the bug planted by Do Chan through the jangi pieces he brought.

DP Jung looks back on the deal he cut with the smuggler as he is consumed on why the terracotta warriors he brought are fake. He finally realizes that Tae Woong deceived him.

Switch Change the world

The smuggler’s sacrifice

Do Chan’s father apparently is the mastermind of the terracotta army statues, but it was meant to lure Tae Woong. Bong ajussi is joined by the team in finally sending off his friend’s soul after getting his revenge.

The flawless plan

The lookalikes have had everyone fooled by staging the fallout which is meant to strike the villain. Jun Soo and Do Chan agree to the elaborated plan of ousting DP Jung through the Incheon incident.

Just as Ha Ra realizes the con pulled by Jun Soo and Do Chan, Tae Woong reaches the same point of how the boys have outsmarted him.

Switch Change the world

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Episodes: 13-16, 17-20

All photos screengrabbed from SBS.

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