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K-Drama Recap: “Switch Change The World” Episodes 25-32

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It was a job well done for Switch Change the World!

Switch Change The World has relentlessly sprinted to a climactic turns of events up to the finale chapter.

The good versus evil battle surges to a boiling point of restless reversals to reach a victorious feat for the heroes.

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Switch Change The World

Switch Change The World Episodes 24-32 Highlights

The devil incarnate

Grieving over his loss, Sa Do Chan rushes to where Geum Tae Woong is. The villain, who is equally enraged, coaxes Do Chan to fume even more, leading the latter to push him to the banister, where he hit his head and falls down with a bleeding head.

Tae Woong, who staged the accident, rests comfortably in a hospital as Do Chan is chased by the police. He takes the opportunity to manipulate the murders he caused by feeding the media about a failed con, instigated by Viktor Jang and Sa Ma Chun along with the attempted murder he pins on Do Chan.

One last fight

News spread like wild fire about Do Chan’s impersonation of a prosecutor. DP Jin orders a thorough check on Do Chan’s involvement as a prosecutor as well as the possibility of conspiring with Chief Yang and Ha Ra.

Jun Soo pleads his doctor to let go to the office to help cover up Do Chan’s case. He tells DP Jin that he would arrest the culprit. Ha Ra argues how Do Chan sustained the pain of knowing his father died right before his eyes when Jun Soo states Do Chan’s looming fate. But he promises her that he will fix everything before it gets out of control.

Switch Change The World

Ma Chun’s Sacrifice

Do Chan goes to a nearby lake, and and sadly broods over his father’s promise of protecting him, even when he has only one hand.

Jun Soo visits Tae Woong who sneers on the roles that the three of them played to bring him down. The prosecutor pledges on catching Do Chan, and putting him on trial to pay for his crimes. Tae Woong stirs Jun Soo’s nerves by throwing a warning to put a bodyguard on Ha Ra.

The villain looks back on the fail-proof plan which he devised to pin a crime on Do Chan by using his raging emotions to stage an attempted murder crime scene.

Ha Ra brings in Tae Woong for questioning of Sa Ma Chun’s murder. The former presents a weak-looking appearance backed up by his lawyers. DP Jin orders for the release of the villain due to insufficient evidence, much to Ha Ra’s frustration.

Father and son

Ha Ra meets Sa Ma Chun’s detective friend, who reveals the reason why Do Chan’s father refused to present himself to his son. Apparently, the revenge he was preparing for Tae Woong involving the terracotta warriors connected Jung Do Young and Mr. Bong, leading to Do Chan’s failure to take the bar exam, so Ma Chun blames himself for what happened to his son. Ha Ra promises to catch the fiend by all means. Later at night, Ha Ra reminisces all those times that she was by Do Chan’s side.

Switch Change The World

The crime that started it all

Tae Woong looks back on the day he killed his wife when the latter learned of his intentional con to use her for his ambition. He summons Sa Ma Chun to help with his ordeal, but Ma Chun refuses to clean the mess that he made.

Director Choi makes a move to avenge his daughter’s death, and calls in Sung Doo to reveal the identity of the man he vowed to kill for losing his mother. True to the old man’s deduction, he sends a ticking bomb to Tae Woong’s camp.

Do Chan sneaks a moment to advise Ha Ra of his plan to catch Tae Woong just as Jun Soo tells Chief Yang that the only way to catch Tae Woong is if Do Chan will die.

Luring the bear

Do Chan tasks hacker In Tae to move for the setup meant for Tae Woong. In Tae gets help from his hacker friend, and empties Tae Woong’s local fund in the blink of an eye.

Secretary Kim heads to where the hacker’s signal is, while Tae Woong goes to Director Choi’s villa to give an important ledger not knowing that it was set up by Do Chan. Do Chan reveals to him that he is a witness to his crime of murdering his wife 20 years ago. Do Chan throws punches to the hopelessly wicked villain, and almost strangled him to death, but Ha Ra and her team arrive to stop it.

It turns out that Do Chan’s plan is to clear Ha Ra and Jun Soo’s names for the ultimate plan of making Tae Woong pay for his crimes.

Switch Change The World

The interrogation

Jun Soo pushes a quiet moment with Do Chan, who is uncooperative with the investigation. He tells his doppelganger that only one of them has to live, and that would be Baek Jun Soo. He proposes to switch once again to take his prison time so that he can continue with their goal of catching Tae Woong. Do Chan refuses, and he is brought in to a detention center.

Simon Jo

Tae Woong learns of Do Chan’s sacrifice so he vows to make his three enemies fall down to his knees. He is advised by his lawyers to launder his money to evade the government’s scrutiny so he visits Sung Doo to buy luxury cars in preparation of the money laundering activity.

Do Chan coaches his cell mates on ways to plead a more favorable probation. His team visits him to loop him in about Tae Woong’s frequent meetings with his lawyer and Sung Doo’s expensive cars involvement.

The con man deduces Tae Woong’s ploy to bring in the 200 million dollars under Simon Jo’s name through a trading company and the pricey cars, and that a lawyer will be needed for that.

Switch Change The World

Tae Woong’s weakness

Do Chan orchestrates another big store by making In Tae pose as a lawyer to meet Secretary Kim for the luxury car deal.

Ha Ra visits Do Chan and learns from him about Simon Jo’s identity as Jo Sung Doo, Tae Woong’s secret son. They move to use him as a bait to shatter the villain by letting his heir know about a big sum of foreign money that is under his name to spurt contention for the son, who holds a grudge to the father who left him and his mother.

Jun Soo visits Tae Woong, who arrogantly rants about his plan to strip the former of his prosecutor robe. Jun Soo remarks about his knowledge of a recording that proves Tae Woong’s involvement in his car accident.

Tae Woong meets Director Choi to check on the recording Jun Soo mentioned. The latter is fed information by Do Chan to affirm that a recording exists, when there is really one.

Jun Soo’s scenario

Do Chan is summoned by Jun Soo to discuss a switch which he prepared to bait Tae Woong with an opportunity to kill him. Jun Soo poses as Do Chan to coax Tae Woong’s men. But Do Chan, who agrees with the plan, has made necessary adjustments by tailing his ambulance, and rescuing him before Secretary Kim attempts to stab Jun Soo.

News breaks out about Do Chan’s escape just when the real Do Chan wakes up from the staged unconsciousness.

Switch Change The World

Secretary Kim

Secretary Kim mulls over his disappointments with his boss and the latter’s promise of giving him inheritance when he learns that he has a secret son contrary to what he told.

Do Chan switches to Jun Soo as planned keeping it secret even from Ha Ra, who has been worried and blaming herself for causing Do Chan’s problem. A video of Secretary Kim about to attack Do Chan is used to take Tae Woong’s right hand down. The latter denounces his lackey right away so as not to connect his involvement.

Emergency Exit

Ha Ra presents Secretary Kim of his prison time options once all the murders he committed get unveiled, and offers him to cooperate to evade his looming life sentence. Secretary Kim refuses to respond, and waits for his lawyers.

Chief Go, who conspired with Do Chan in preventing Jun Soo’s dangerous plan, sits down with the poser for a beer session.

Switch Change The World

Tae Woong’s new right hand

With Secretary Kim under questioning, Sung Doo is tasked by Tae Woong to replace the vacated position. The villain’s right and left hand affirms knowledge of Sung Doo’s identity. Meanwhile, In Tae presents the money laundering scheme to bring back the 200 million money from overseas.

Ha Ra finds out about Do Chan’s switch when he failed to recognize the pendant of her necklace. Do Chan explains the plan that Jun Soo orchestrated, and how he tweaked it to save the prosecutor, who is ready to die in order to defeat Tae Woong.

Ha Ra’s accident

Chief Go alerts Do Chan of the investigation conducted by Internal Affairs Supreme Prosecutor’s Office. Director Choi tips Do Chan of the location of the peddler, supplying the villains with burner phones. He reports it to Ha Ra, but he rushes when he heard a loud thud and her scream.

Ha Ra is rushed to the hospital for serious injury forcing Do Chan to reach his limit. But Detective Go and Chief Yang hush him down to remind him of their ultimate goal.

Do Chan assigns work to the detectives to put pressure on Secretary Kim. He visits his partner in the hospital who regains consciousness. She tells him to go back to work to show the villain that they are unfazed of his evil deeds.

Switch Change The World

The 200 million race

Tae Woong proceeds to the money laundering plan by guiding Sung Doo. Team Switch follows them intently.

Ha Ra and Do Chan crack Secretary Kim’s loyalty, who agrees to give conclusive evidence as long as his mother will be kept safe.

Prosecutors’ team secures a warrant and arrives just in time, when Tae Woong and his hired men are moving the boxes. But when they open the boxes, it is filled with cabbages. It turns out that the money was broken down to unregistered bonds by the villain.

Tae Woong reminds DP Jin to tightly hold the rein to her junior prosecutors, who keep trailing his movements as she will be dragged down if he is caught.

The counter move

Team Switch moves to shake Tae Woong, so he will be forced to encash the bonds. They report Feel Gallery’s fraud involvement, and leak it to the media. Namsan Club member unite to oust Tae Woong of his position.

Sung Doo learns from Tae Woong about silencing Secretary Kim, who was in coma after the beating he got from his cell mates. As what Do Chan predicts, Tae Woong is pressured to encash the bonds, so he asked In Tae for options. He suggests an expensive diamond priced at 150 million dollars to which the villain agrees.

Tae Woong has it checked by professionals to prove the gem’s authenticity, not knowing that Do Chan and his team pre-arranged a switch using a special case to give the replica.

Switch Change The World

The fake gem

Tae Woong screams in rage upon knowing the ploy Do Chan threw at him. The men commissioned by Secretary Kim at Incheon are finally apprehended, leaving a decisive conclusion of Tae Woong’s involvement to Sa Ma Chun’s murder.

Do Chan drops a bomb targeting Tae Woong, who realizes that the gem he bought for 200 million is fake. Ha Ra arrests Tae Woong for questioning, but his men in the prosecutors’ office make a move by forcing Do Chan to extract blood for comparison with Jun Soo’s blood that is on file.

The final switch

Prosecutor Gil brings in the result of the blood test shaming their unnecessary move, because Do Chan and Jun Soo switch again without their knowing.

Sung Doo visits Tae Woong, who is awaiting his trial for the murder cases he instigated. He confesses belatedly about their blood ties, and pleads to have Sung Doo cover for him so that he can be a good father with his second chance.

The trial

On the day of the trial, Tae Woong’s lawyers move to prove his innocence by calling in Sung Doo to the witness stand, to support Tae Woong’s bid that Secretary Kim instigated the murders.

Jun Soo cross-examines Sung Doo, who admitted to killing Nam Seung Tae, because he has a video of selling drugs. The video evidence is played, shocking Tae Woong who is the star of the video. Sung Doo admits being ordered to lie by his estranged father, ultimately proving Tae Woong’s crimes.

The victory

With strong evidence, Tae Woong is sentenced to death for murder, instigating murder, and financial embezzlement. Ha Ra spots Do Chan, who listens to the final verdict, and follows him when he leaves the court.

Do Chan tells her that his work is done. She gives him a photo of him and his father sitting side by side in the park, and it makes him smile. Ha Ra reminds him to fulfill his father’s last words.

Team Switch disbands with Do Chan’s last instructions for In Tae to start a new business, Eun Ji to travel, and Bong ajussi to become a film director. Tae Woong’s prosecutor supporters are apprehended for questioning, while Director Choi and Sung Doo serve their sentence in jail.

In the end, Tae Woong realizes his pathetic life of having no one to trust, and no one to care for him.

Switch Change The World

The switch goes on

Ha Ra and Jun Soo’s partnership gear up for a new case involving a greedy designer. Before they arrive to the destination, Do Chan and Team Switch has already set up the bad guy and evidence for them.

Switch Change The WorldSwitch Change The World

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