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K-Drama Premiere: Taecyeon Rescues A High School Girl In Distress In “Save Me”

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“Save Me” takes us to the refreshing countryside where pleasant locals and serene surroundings ironically give you an unsettling feeling.

Save Me

OCN consistently brings its A-game on the suspense drama lineup for 2017. Now the cable channel is off to fuse an eerie cult following to its trademark thriller story.

Im Sang Mi (Seo Ye Ji) moves to the town of Muji from Seoul with her family due to financial problems. Her father was unfortunately conned by his friend in the house they are about to stay. They end up staying in a small room offered to his father for the new job he luckily secured.

Han Sang Hwan (Ok Taecyeon) is the son of an aspiring governor. Like a typical high school boy, he gets in trouble sometimes with his three best friends when they bump with other gangs. Sang Mi’s twin brother, Sang Jin, ends up being targeted by a notorious gang, who later becomes his classmates at school. In one bullying occasion of her brother, Sang Mi tries to shield her weak twin, and is helped by Sang Hwan and his friend Dong Cheol.

Sang Mi’s father’s boss invites the family to meet the religious congregation he belongs to. They are welcomed by a charismatic spiritual leader of a religious cult – Baek Jung Ki. Revered by his followers, he eyes Sang Mi with creepy fondness. The religious group keeps extending help to the new family but Sang Mi senses something disturbing on the kind facade of the people helping them.

Save Me

The school bullies take another session of tormenting Sang Jin on the school rooftop.  Sang Mi begs Sang Hwan and Dong Cheol to help her, but the former refuses to meddle because of his father’s reminder to stay away from trouble due to his election campaign.

Dong Cheol follows Sang Mi, who is about to be mistreated by the school bullies and fights with them on his own. The ramble suddenly halts when Sang Jin stands on the rooftop’s ledge, determined to just end his life.  His sister tries to appeal, but he loses his reason to live.

Save Me

That is one eerie hello week for OCN’s new suspense drama. I have jumped to a conclusion how Seo Ye Ji would probably take a role of a virgin sacrifice when I first read the story gist, but it looks like we are going to a more ominous narrative based on the spiritual leader’s psychotic smile signaling evil ploys ahead.

OCN has always been brave in showing real stories even if it borders to horrifying scenes. I swear those school rascals made me feel hopeless about the disappointing bullying situation happening with the youth these days. *sigh The vulnerable heroine is set to endure darker days in the future.  With those maniacal villains leering at her like a prey, I might end up saving her if those four country bumpkins will not. *grins  Now we have to wait and see how the plot will work by tapping these high school boys as heroes of the story.

Save Me

Save Me is dauntless in showing the two-faced leaders of naive churchgoers along with the role of the cult following that will trigger the conflict to be resolved. Faith healing, human trust, levels of good and evil are hints of what to anticipate as this drama unfolds.

Save Me

Save Me takes the weekend slot of OCN at 10.20 PM.

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