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K-Drama Premiere: “The King Loves” Takes Off With Entrancing Characters And Picturesque Cinematography

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“The King Loves” will charm you with its arresting stage, salient main cast and promising narrative.

The King Loves

The King Loves is everything viewers could wish for on a period drama’s opening week.  It is beautifully captured with a clear route of what the audience will be expecting.

I have a thing on Silla period historical dramas owing to how I really like the wardrobe and production design. *wink I got that in full swing on MBC’s newest offering. Aside from the appealing story introduction, the lead characters vividly move to an engaging portrayal with refreshing humor on the side.  The scenic frames provide a total immersion to the thought-provoking screenplay.

Cleverly and brilliantly textured, The King Loves shapes up to a conventional history chronicle, thriving on political conflicts and strained family relationship.  But the spirited writing and role portrayals soften the heavy tone, which contributes to its fascinating impression.

The King Loves

Im Si Wan, who recently entered the military service, dons a Silla Crown Prince robe as Wang Won. He is always seen with his best friend-cum-bodyguard Wang Rin (Hong Jong Hyun).  The two buddies cement their friendship when they accidentally witness an ambush done on a rich merchant family, who are traveling back in the city from the madam’s hometown visit.

The rich daughter Eun San (Im Yoo Na) is spared after convincing her mother to allow her to visit the trees she planted in the woods a year ago.  An enemy of the reigning monarch orchestrates the attack to win points on the merchant’s head for a ticket to marry his daughter. But Eun San’s father figures out the underlying situation, and orders her daughter to hide her identity until the issue is resolved.

The King Loves

A few years later, the brazen prince is on to another adventure. They visit an exiled former minister, who has won the people’s trust, so he can seek guidance on his current predicament as a Crown Prince of Yuan Empire lineage.

Marked as a mixed breed by having a Yuan Empress mother, the Crown Prince faces contention from enemies who want him out of the throne. The eccentric teacher puts on an initial test for them to get a few minutes of his time.

However, the prince accidentally breaks the teacher’s favorite wine jar so they set forth to climb a mountain to get a replacement.  The Crown Prince remembers the cheeky student of the teacher as the maid of Eun family’s daughter who he met once to deliver the dying madam’s last words for her daughter. He reveals it to Wang Rin, who knows that Eun San is not the maid, but the daughter of the Master and Lady Eun. Wang Rin also knew that his older brother connives with the assassins who killed Eun San’s mother.

The King Loves

In a court meeting, a minister suggests the Crown Prince’s dethronement to the conflicted King, who is torn between his animosity towards the Yuan empire and his blood relationship to the prince.  The King and the Queen race to retrieve back their wandering son, who is recognized by the wise teacher based on the question he raised relating to his existing condition.

The Crown Prince escapes the teacher’s house, and appears drunk to his father the next day.  Eun San, who is set to visit the capital for her mother’s memorial service, is watched over by Prince Won secretly while making her journey light and comfortable.  He leads her to a tavern for the meeting request which he initially set up before leaving the teacher’s house.

Eun San pays respect to her mother as her father enters the room to check on her.  She heads to the tavern where Prince Won is hopeful that she will arrive.  She reveals how she knows that he delivered the madam’s last word.

But she advises him not to see her again since she is hiding her identity, or else she will kill him. Prince Won retorts how people would be happy to hear her warning.  He pledges to gives his life in her hands voluntarily as he is intent to meet her again in the future.

The King Loves

The King Loves literally made me fall in love with it at first sight.  *chuckles  

Therefore, I am happy yet scared at the same time. I like the grandeur of the background as well as the interesting connections of the cast.  The show has already displayed multi-faceted characters that viewers can look forward to once the plot reaches to the signature political conspiracies, faction battles and unexpected betrayals.

The King Loves

When it was revealed that Song Ji Na penned this drama, it is already a done deal for me.  I will take the good and the bad no matter what.  So the auspicious onset really made me happy.  Period dramas tend to lose its magic when the plot hits that moment when a series of unfortunate events catapults the conflict.  (*cough Ruler)

But I’m seeing how the writing is seasoned with smart comedic notes along with characters that are sketched intricately.  The effort to suit up their roles is visible and deserving of applause. I like how the trio-protagonists are blending so well as the main actors who will spin the story.  The romance appears to lean on a disheartening note once the two friends vie for Eun San’s heart though.

I am ecstatic to vouch how this historical piece is worth your K-Drama time each week!

The King Loves airs on MBC at 10PM on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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